i am very hungover :disappointed_relieved:




On a Thursday!? Nice work :smile: you have a good night?


trying to resist the urge to go out and buy snacks.




Hi J4PE5


phew! hello mewt. having mac and cheese tonight which i’m excited about. got exactly bugger all else going on. replaying a game i didn’t like the first time and i don’t like this time either.



OMG it’s Buzzfeed’s very own japes!!!11


Evening - told some people at work about Wor Lass having a baby and was bored of talking about it by the time I left fifteen minutes later.


Oooooh mac and cheese… nice! :slight_smile:


Hi Keith


congrats big man!


congrats on the mac and cheese!


Alright team, just been playing a bit of Catherine there.

Not got much on tonight but I’m definitely going to watch Notes on Blindness starring Angelos Epithemiou on BBC Four at 9.


I got an e-mail today offering me a phone interview for a job in Münster :de: on Tuesday. Good news, but I hate phone interviews because I get more likely to stop paying attention to what the other person says.


update: mac n cheese with tofurkey dogs and cornbread



Good luck with the interview. Is it a good job?


Went for a catch up with a mate, then had to walk back across the city. Collected some posters and now I’m enjoying a cold Beamish.