Yo what’s up all?

This is a wicked thread, gonna be off the chain!


Should i watch Nikita, do the right thing or carry on playing project Zero 2 with its wee ghosties

Hi bamnanannananana


I’m very depressed and very poor. Hey-ho.


I’m sad again. Need to get my shit together and make it to work tomorrow because I’m 7 more sick days away from getting the sack. Also need to stop lying down and go to my pal’s house. I hope he feeds me turkey dinosaurs.


'sup bam, yugz, ruffdawg, tillz, kgeezy

Got calls with US folk from 6-7.
Currently planning a big project at work with a worryingly large budget that I’m responsible for… Slightly nervous. I’m a terrific people manager, but I hate making project plans.
Then tidying the flat so we can take photos for the landlord.
Nervously waiting on him to write our reference for the new place. I mean, I’m 100% confident it will be a good reference, but the new landlord seems a bit of a shit so I’m worried (probably irrationally) that he’ll accept another offer in the meantime as I know ours isn’t the only one on the table.
Then probably some Gilmore Girls.


Whaddup. Nearly finished some reviews. Can’t wait to send them off so I never have to think about them again.

House meeting soon too, should be fun. Then meeting an ATD for one pint, after which I will hang out with the lady I’m seeing.

This all sounds like fun but I’m stressed as fuck about these reviews. Should have done them weeks ago.


Good evening everyone x


Evening All

Gonna go to library now, absolutely shitting myself for an interview for an MA I have tomorrow. I’d also quite like a drink


GL for tomorrow PB!


You still coming to DiS drinks next week?


Thank you! I’ll need it!


Feel better soon duck x


Evening thread? Already? I’m still at work. Ah fuck it, DiS has spoken, time to go.


Evening all. Watching The Simpsons.

Not much to report. Dunno whether to watch the footie or just read.


thanks :kissing_heart:


Ah should be, hopefully :slight_smile:


Good evening. I’m heading to the shop for some wine :wine_glass:




going to creams for a bleak birthday pancake treat


i’m at work, they called me in and there’s nobody else here so i’m doing 12 things at once and everything’s manic. still time to DiS though obviously. gonna get a burrito when i get a minute.