What’s up crew?

I was just thinking about the order of senses from best to worst (not very difficult really):

  1. sight
  2. hearing
  3. touch
  4. taste
  5. smell

could see someone swapping 3 & 4 around though I’ve probably got it right.

Touch is top 2, for sure, bam.

guess I’ve been single for too long

Heh. More, y’know, being able to move around the world. Can’t imagine, for example, using a spoon would be easy without touch.

good argument, well made!

how’s your day been anyway?

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Not bad thanks! Ticked off lots of small items on my work to do list I’ve been putting off. References all cleared on the house we want to rent. Still nervous it will fall through - just want to get the tenancy agreement signed!
Now settling down to do a bit of extra-curricular work studying machine learning cos I’m a dweeb like that.

They say that taste is nothing without smell so I’d be:

  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Touch (assuming you can still grip stuff without touch?)
    4= Taste and smell

I’m off to my usual pub quiz later - will hopefully make it into the money.

Hey did you know (I know you didn’t) that mustard plants have a sense of gravity, i.e. They know which way to grow not through a sensitivity to light (upwards griwth) or moisture (downwards growth) but through a sensitivity to the earths gravitational mass. Ha!


sigh Some wannabe gangster type on his phone nearly wiped me out as I turned into my road. I instinctively went nuts. He follows me down the street and got out threatening me. All the neighbours came out for a gawp. Fuxxake.
I believe that’s the first road rage my new car has been involved in. Was a nice quiet drive home until that point too :confused:

Need unhealthy food to cheer me up

you’ll be fine, positive thoughts!

Noel is with you


Burger time

plants are crazy!

Friends are staying and I kind of wish they weren’t here but they are making some spicy squid thing mmmm

shit that sounds pretty scary. Did you stand your ground?

You bet you’re ass they are

I’ll come and do it instead of prep for my promotion interview tomorrow if you will pay the difference in salary over the next day 2-5 years?

I don’t mind cleaning actually! Do you need me to mow your lawn (wahey ladz bants!) I enjoyed that today.

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man just want to salute the amazing work from @NoahVale just now.

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