To an extent, without actually getting myself a battering. He was obviously all mouth or he would’ve actually knocked my teeth in, rather than just threatening to like. I wouldn’t give it a second thought if it had happened somewhere other than outside my house… I’m half expecting 4 flat tyres in the morning :smiley:

still you are a pretty hard bastard in my eyes!

I’d rate hearing highest because music is the only good thing

Genuinely thought it was Friday, a colleague said ‘see you tomorrow’ and I thought what is he talking about

Evening all!

Had a decent cycle ride home in the sunshine; after having spent an hour and a half dealing with squabbling children, they’re both on their way to bed now. There’s loads of cake / chocolate in the house (as well as homemade hot cross buns) so I’m probably going to spend the evening negating the calories burned today.

Oh and I’ve booked our summer holiday :slight_smile:

Oh and in answer to @Bamnan’s question: difficult to tell. Even the “minor” senses like taste have such a profound impact on my wellbeing. Would be gutted to lose any of them.

kids are so stressful, every parent is a hero!

Where are you going on holiday?

Oh gosh they were hard work tonight! They had a really busy end of term and a really busy weekend so I think they’re just readjusting.

We’re going to the Peak District :slight_smile: we went there the Christmas before last and it was gorgeous, but too cold to explore very far. Can’t wait to get up some hills!

YES. Come over immediately and rub my damn feet. NOW! NOW!



oh cool I think I camped there once about hmmm maybe 7 years ago? Was well nice.

Ace, and that’s just your hair and beard.


Feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing after that post tbh :astonished:


Touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell - obviously.
Imagine not being able to register touch ffs. Only real aesthetic choice here’s hearing/taste order and even then there’s the added safety element to hearing. Also fuck anyone who pretends a good meal’s better than a good song, fuck them to hell.

The board’s been dull today hasn’t it.
I’ve been selling soft furnishings.

oi oi

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I’m such a scruffy bastard need to have a word with myself

Nice To See That grin of yours!

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Honestly can’t imagine people choosing sight over hearing for any other reason than they’ve not thought about it for more than 45 seconds (which is fair enough tbh)


Because they can still watch stuff including incoming traffic.