I’ve eaten too much pizza…feels like a Friday.

Hope everything’s ok in your world x


Not really, Bam. Nottttt really.


Evening Bammers and evening everyone else :slight_smile:


You on holiday or do you just live so,ethereal beautiful?


Wanna talk about it? You’re always welcome to here!

If not I’ll just raise a glass of wine to your health and prosperity.


Nah. Cheers though.


I’m at Mrs CCB’s parents’… They live in Torquay - grim and depressing out of season but gorgeous in the sunshine.


Ok well take care of yourself alright pal?


I’ve stopped eating bread bar my weekly McDonald’s and I really miss eating bread


Looks like a nice play to be right now anyway.


Really wish I could do this but it seems almost unthinkable.

Do you feel better for it?


Yeah I’ve basically got a shit digestive (?) system and when I eat less bread it’s better. Normally have stomach ache and bowel stuff all the time


Just back from a run, my first in daylight for quite some time. Was quite chuffed with my progress until a group of youths starting calling me a pig (I was wearing bright pink). Cheers guys, thisgirlcan and all that, eh?


Think I probably do as well I just ignore it


Yeah done it for about a decade as it’s just been an annoyance rather than life hindering


That sounds shitty but don’t let it deter you! Running is great for cheering me up but I don’t get around to it as often as I should. Good on you!


I feel like every time someone links to the old boards it’s one of your threads cause of yr pic.


been off sick the last 2 days. both the prospects of going back to work and taking another day off make me anxious


Just got home from work, hope it’ll be less shit after having a bit of a breakthrough today. Home just in time for tea and masterchef.

@Ruffers any news from that job interview or lass you went on a date with?


What’s your job Shrewsbury?