I’m sure we had a thread on this back in the stone age but anything post 6pm is evening right?

Just had a grand stir fry and going to have a little pizza and a beer later as I’ve been good all week and bam deserves a treat!

Got some bamvids coming up for you peeps so stay tuned.

I hope this can coincide with the banal thread and not eat or have it’s dinner eaten by it (dinner is the evening meal).

Hope you’re doing well x


Happy weekend, you lucky people :slight_smile:


evening bam, ccb


ah is it not your weekend too?


evenin’ cowcow



It is also my weekend. Just wanted an excuse to post a pic of Tyres from Spaced


Hi b,ccb,cc
Got another hour at work. Going for a board game evening at a mate’s who lives just round the corner from work. No point going home just to come back so i’m being productive and I went climbing at lunch so haven’t done enough work yet anyway…


ah didn’t get the reference as I’ve never seen that show.


I’d love to play some nerdy boardgames and drink beer tonight. Hope you have a grand time


definitely evening time. banal is ideally 3-6pm ish. just leaving work, gonna go and buy some beeeeeeeer. :beers:


lonely evenings are my domain MWAHA!



Got the new Gas album thumping in my headphones. So damn gooooooooood.


bam vid no.1 tonight goes out to @Mistersteve who suggested this song which I hadn’t thought about for years but is truly a great song. Thanks Steve!


My monitor says there’s no input from my PC. No idea if it’s the monitor, graphics card, cable, or phase of the moon.

I’m too tired and hungry to troubleshoot this properly so I might get half a dozen beers and a takeaway and eat/drink those on the floor while softly weeping.



fucking computer problems are so crushing, hopefully it’s just the cable and you can quickly diagnose with a new HMDI cable or whatever.

What’s the takeaway of choice?


FUCKING computers, man!

God I dunno. I think I’m coming down with something and am struggling to make the decision. The Chinese across the road is closest (although: shit), so I think I’ll do that purely for the sake of making a decision.


Don’t go there if it’s shit. Get it from somewhere nice. You deserve nice things.


too right!