You happy?

Let’s all be happy and have a great evening wooo!

It is!

It’s sunny and nice here in London. Hi

Hi Theo!

Is Theo short for anything or is it just Theo?

Seems like it should be short for Theonimus or something like that.

It’s sunny here in Northamptonshire too. Great!

wait it’s Theodocius isn’t it


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all good answers

got some new bam covers tonight if you want?




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this one’s for @ninetyeightytwo as he mentioned liking this song:


Evening Bam and all.

Coffee really did it’s job today.

Bit nervous for a meeting tomorrow at work.

Need to do chores.


What’s the meeting for? Gonna get a big payrise probably!

Nah its with a ‘customer’, my first one for a while. My job isn’t interesting so won’t bore anyone with details.

I’m on a training course so can’t get a pay rise til I finish, at least, part of that.

Though I got my exam results on Monday and got 93%, which was good.


that’s a lot better than good, well done!

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and this one is for @AphexTwinkletoes and @anon14643532 who also like this song (but maybe not my version who knows):


Evening Bam

I’m absolutely shattered. And I have to get up at 4:15 for the next two mornings. Grim.

Listening to Murmur by REM and making burritos. Drinking a beer I don’t really like. Will probably watch the cycling highlights later then bed early.

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I’ve never really listened to REM, they might be good I guess I’ll never know!

What beer is it?

This by The London Beer Factory. It’s a mango cream pale ale apparently. It’s a bit naff

too sickly?

Hey Bam. Sorry to spoil the funtime thread but I’m very depressed. When I was about to leave my boss asked me if I was ok. It’s bleak.
Might have a joint, might not, don’t mind.

that’s fine, sorry if my cheeriness is making you feel worse.

You’ll be ok and will make it through! :slight_smile: