What a beautiful day. Sun is shining, work has been productive, feel like I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight, my music is great and I’m super intelligent and great (bit of an arsehole though).

How’s it going?

I can’t wade through the daytime thread it’s not where I belong!

Sweaty and tired. Gonna have a little lie down before going out in a bit.

Can someone tell me what to wear later please? (fish dress=0 points)

all depends on where you are going

To a gig in a pub. It will probably be sweaty.

good eve dis

when I got home it was like walking into a sauna. I’ve been trying to figure out if the heating has been on or the cooker exploded or something but I think it’s just crazy warm.


cool, just black jeans and a plain t-shirt then.

Evening kids.

Nice early start? Cooking turkey chilli at the moment and planning on a very easy night.

hello bam

good day. done some good work with my new volunteering thing, cleaned the flat, done some washing. later going to buy some piping bags and some nozzles and try and make viennese whirls and then watch a shark movie. can’t complain.

still narked about not being able to post pictures, like the new forums know i’m not really cool enough to be here :frowning:

I don’t wear jeans.


how does that work? do you need to be a mod or something?

can you link to a picture from somewhere else?

what constitutes an easy night? Listening to some cool music an shit?

I don’t really wear jeans out in public.

@bam - no it just doesn’t let me add pictures because i’m a new member, but then we’re all new members, right?

@japes - well i could, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the snazzy new inlining pictures board? or can you still inline pictures with [img] tags?

dresses and such? I don’t think I’ve seen a lady wearing a dress in public in a good year or more. Maybe it’s a middle class vs working class thing?

you don’t even need the tags it should still show up

This thread has lots of pictures in:

Tired but good. Eating Chinese food and watching Preacher seems to be the plan.