On my travels through the interweb I came across this picture of a very fetching stuffed bat.

Thought it would be an interesting way to start the evening thread. You’re welcome.


Hello batlady. I’m about to eat some pasta. Thought i’d lined up some work this week but they said they were gonna called in half an hour, but that was two hours ago :confused: watching top of the lake.

Only 11am here. My body has no idea what’s going on with the time :neutral_face:
Fun being back in our San Francisco office. Feel like a prodigal son. Have had to do a lot of hugs though - might need some down-time from all the human contact soon.

Nooo :confused: Hm, Maybe they’ll just call first thing tomorrow, fingers crossed. I really want to know how it was worse than the paranormal one!


bout to watch dunk irk. might fall asleep.

Still holidaying.

Saw the chapel where they found the dead Reverend in Hinterland S3 today!

After driving through killer rain it was a sunshiney day in Portmeirion so that was good…shinging it down again now though. Read two books in three days so that’s an upside to the weather I suppose.


Evening witches and all,

What’s been happening today?

Just making a nice salad. And watching the cricket highlights.

Got about about another hours work to do after ive had it. Then probably watch that jay-z and kanye program.

Listening to car seat headrest on full blast while painting some radiators and eating some peanut butter popcorn :popcorn: :peanuts:

Evenin’ all.

I’m listening to some Duke Ellington and reading about the Korean War. Will be switching over to listen to the coverage of the Cork City game soon though.

I havent had any dinner actually. Fuck it, I’ll be fine.

Can I just shock you, I’m making goat’s cheese and pancetta linguine with caramelised onion and roast garlic.



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Got well into roast garlic recently. A full bulb is a good base for a white pizza :ok_hand:


Roast garlic is fucking awesome, I’m having some roast veg later and I’ll be throwing in loads of garlic👍

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More or less solely consist of this noise now


Another vote for roast garlic, had some on my salad. :blush:


You did this the other day where you called something something silly and I still don’t know what you were on about but I was too shy to ask… :scream:

… Just realised that this one is probably a typo… was this a genuine typo though? Which makes me think that the last one was a typo too… ?!! What’s going on!?!

We’re some delightful smelling gentleman hombre.

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Classic Brighton.

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Some of the best :+1:

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Pebble beach wankers!!!111

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