Here’s a tip for you: don’t buy bourbon biscuits, you’ll only eat the whole packet.

How are you feeling out of ten? I’m about a 6/10 I guess.

Hi Bamnan. Where does your name come from?

I’m sat in McDonald’s writing music on my laptop till band. Feeling 3/10 as haven’t heard about that job (or any others, so a lot hinges on this one). I got here two hours ago and only bought a coffee, so I’m venturing into taking the piss territory.

Spent the afternoon eating pizza with my wife and her friend in Fintry.

I’m still really full.

We think we’ll continue watching Dirk Gently on Netflix although Singles arrived from Lovefilm today so maybe that.

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it comes from the Midlake album Bamnan & Slivercork!

Sorry about your job anxieties :frowning:

I had pizza yesterday, want pizza again now

also stole this from Eurogamer but this site is amusing me

just got this one


Really hungry, have to prepare for a job interview tonight and tomorrow m which I will do by listening to the fall and panicing! Good fun!

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About a minus 7.



should have just made a separate thread for this

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UM, I just got one featuring Hitler.

fucking internet!

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how are you anyway?

Bam this is completely ridiculous! Good find!

Edit: that’s the last one from me m9s. Don’t wanna clog the evening thread.


Ach, okay thanks. Just off out to meet some friends for some fizzybubbles.

EDIT: And how are you Bam? I always forget to ask people how they’re doing :grimacing: I’m just so super self-involved it’s unreal.

no worries, I’m sure your life is much more interesting anyway.

I’m just lamenting the fact that I have no biscuits and no chocolate