How are we doing? I went over to visit friends today and played some Carcassonne and Splendour which were fun! I didn’t win either but that’s ok.

Going to get a big dominos tonight because it’s my birthday.

Can’t believe I made it this far! Something to be proud of I suppose.

What are you all up to?


Mostly celebrating your birthday tbh. Happy Birthday mate, enjoy your big pizza.

I’m off to a quiz.


:tada: happy birthday bammers! :gift:


cheers dude!

What’s your quiz strength?

I guess mine would be history and music at a push. Never Geography

got a parcel through my door that’s been delivered to the wrong address. should i open it?

Happy birthday Bammers, enjoy the mega pizza.

I am watching my kids at my ex’s while she goes off galavanting or crocheting. Will take a DVD round with me to watch, not sure what though at this point.

Happy birthday you lovely lovely man!!! :birthday: :balloon: :cake:

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Happy Birthday! :tada::champagne::confetti_ball::birthday:

Heading back from a couple of days on the coast which was nice. Will probably sit with my dad while he watches the football. Got 5 more days off work, woohoo!

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can I pull of this moustache or does it need to go?


nah, that’s illegal I think? There’s a letter here for someone who used to own our house it’s been here for months I should have sent it back somewhere but I’m scared now

thanks he!

Can’t go wrong with Sword in the Stone!

cheers deary! :yum:

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thanks laelfy!

What have you got planned for the rest of your time off?

Happy birthday bam. :birthday:
The TV is making quiche for tea :heart: , then we’re watching twin peaks :mountain:

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Happy birthday paisan, hope you’ve had a splendid day and i hope you have a lovely evening :+1::grinning:

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Cheers chuck!

So far being 30 isn’t as scary and terrible as I had imagined.


Happy birthday my lovely :pizza::pizza::birthday::cake:

Kids are building an airport on minecraft while I am looking at October holidays , thinking of going full package to just eat and lay about in some sunshine.

Game of what’s it later, bought some fancy chocolate with hazelnut stuff in to go with the swords and obligatory cup of tea.


But the answer is yes, is should definitely stay.


It’s all very weather dependent! Only concrete plans is to climb Arthur’s Seat (big hill in Edinburgh) plus birthday celebrations for myself and my nephew. Would like to do a day trip to one of the western isles that I haven’t made it to yet but not if it’s raining.