Haven’t done one of these for aaaaages!

Pretty sure I actually started the daily threads thing maaaany years back so you have me to thank I’m afraid!

Anybody up to anything cool? Probably not on a Tuesday right?

I’m going to run a bath later that’s well exciting isn’t it?

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Bit irked by someone i work with getting in a flap with me just as I was leaving. Gonna go home and eat some burgers, drink a couple tins and play a new game i bought. Possible bath too.

Back ache :frowning:
Hoping a bath might help sort it out.

work colleagues eh? nightmare!

What are you drinking/playing?

I fancy getting a drink but I know I shouldn’t, getting a but tubby.

yeah baths are the best!

I whack a podcast on my bluetooth speaker thingie and I can be in there for an hour or more!

Evening bammers. Going for a walk, thinking up questions for next weeks AQOS, watching bake off.

So how did people post all this mundane stuff before that? :wink:

Butt tubby more like!!! Me too :sob:

Just a couple tins of polski lager probably, nothing exciting. I bought this, looks nice

I was planning to start Slimming World tonight but I’ve felt really fat and ugly all day so don’t really feel prepared for that… better to just pamper myself in ways that don’t involve food/alcohol (Netflix, PJs, painting my nails). It will be a legit miracle if I make it through a fucking WEEK without chocolate. I am so desperate for a big bag of M&Ms but I neeeed to lose weight and start saying no to myself even though I’m digging my nails into my palms in my frustration. I think it will be best for me to take a few weeks to adjust to eating like a normal person before I start an exercise routine or weighing myself? Right? Or am I just putting it off? Probably both tbh. Cannot feckin WAIT to have my roots done so I feel less hideous.

Reeeeally hope dinner is done soon because I’ll probably go mad and eat 10 Toblerones and drive to Dundee in my bare feet if I have to watch Bake Off on an empty stomach.

anywhere nice around your area to walk? I have a large park about 15 mins away from me which is a godsend!

I don’t think there was as much mundane talk about other people’s lives just more sarcastic remarks, trolling, and people general trying to be funny.

Of course I’m not trying to say I was a saviour there by any means, I was a maaaassive prick sometimes and it’s a source of shame and regret to me even now.

Anyway don’t want to leave this post on a low note so… enjoy your bake off! :slight_smile:

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evenin’ bam, dis

about to eat a 'rito then head out to see a play. kinda tired and c really ba

Absolutely wonderful game. Enjoy x

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had a huge burrito today. Put some chilli sauce on it (inspired by the burrito thread). p good. One of those days where I can’t stop eating…

yeah seen vids of this it looks beautiful! Maybe I’ll play it someday, too many games! (1st world problems right?)

I’ve walked into town to see the TV and have a pint where she works. We don’t see much of each other atm cos I work days and then she tends to get evening shifts. Sucks.

Not really to be honest, but I need to do some exercise and I’m still too full from dinner to go to the gym.

Gets dark early doesn’t it? Cor blimey.

Been stripping out one of ou bedrooms here for redecoration. Binning old stuff with gay abandon. Own so much crap. Quite therapeutic really. Might wander over the shop and buy some beers then finish one half the room then collapse on sofa while TV whines about their day,


losing weight is well tough, you have my sympathy :frowning: I’m going to try to get back on the diet horse again soon, I find it hard not to lose patience though and keep dreaming of pizza!

Just want to reiterate though that you’re great and we all love you here so don’t lose confidence in yourself please!

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never heard of them to be honest! Guess I never had any indie credentials

here’s my park

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