I’ve been feeling a bit shitty all day (sorry that I’ve been a bit of a grump, folks) but I got home and Mrs CCB had bought a pie from town and cooked it up with some roasties and gravy. And the girls are in good moods because it’s half term. Small things, small things.


I’m having a quite pint (currently number 4) in the local whilst doing a bit of increasingly erratically extravagent writing. Last one, then heading home through the dark dark wood to Burgers, the BBC / Ken Burns Vietnam documentary (which has been brilliant so far) and then a nice bath and bed.

Do you think that you will sort out your eating on your own without SW as an impetus? Plus you will see your best results in the first couple of weeks which can be a great motivation.

every time someone says “evenin’ dis” I read it in Kallgeese’s voice from that awesome vid he made where he talks about cool Irish slang.

Little factoid for you there


What play? Brothers Karamazov?

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In threads entitled “so how are your heavy coins lined up?” and so on

BAM! Go listen to all 1000+ songs Robert Pollard has wrote tonight!


I almost always find I’m grumpy and miserable then I eat something and I kick myself for being so stupid and letting myself get so hungry. Not saying your mood was caused by anything as trivial just being relate-able :wink:

Gonna take the kids anywhere fun for half-term? Any cool museums with Dinosaurs?

That looks lovely. To be honest there’s lots of nice stuff around but with at least 2k walk to get to the nicer bits. Plus rivers and parks aren’t great in the dark.

I find it really hard to get into new bands these days, just want to hear the same miserable midde-ages/deceased people as always.


Heading out to the shop. First time leaving the house since I got home Sunday evening. It’s raining. Bahhh.

oh yeah course! I wouldn’t walk them in the dark either. Gets well sketchy just going to Tesco after dark here, so few streetlights on anymore.

Tried to google hello in Norwegian to be cool but it turns out it’s just Hallo :frowning:

Getting anything fun from the shop?

Evening bam and the rest of DiS,

Having a little post tea lie down. (Veggie burgers with nice rolls)

Flat mate has just got back from Milan so should probably go say hello and ask him how it was but… not really in the mood.

Want to listen to a really interesting podcast and that makes me cleverer.

what’s a good red wine? I’m so boring with my tastes I always get a cabernet sauvignon cos I don’t know any better.

Also congrats!

Are they that famous?

Ever listen to 99% invisible?

Probably my favourite podcast at the moment apart from the Revolutions history podcast cos Mike Duncan is the best

What are you writing? Poetry or a novel?

I don’t really know why I was in a bad mood: combination of tiredness and having a few too many things on my mind at the moment, I think.

I’ve not got any time off over half term but they’re out and about various places! They’re going to come down to Cambridge on Friday and go out for lunch with me, and maybe go to the Botanical Gardens.

Must be an 80s thing, don’t know much about 80s music.