Just had a bath with jnr and now she’s demanding we watch fails on YouTube, got a Chinese coming then going to play stardew valley for too long so that I regret it and go to bed worrying about harvesting my imaginary parsnips.


Wish i had some imaginary parsnips



Just finishing off Christmas shopping - ordered kids a Switch after much debating, any must have games?

left over lasagne and chips for tea once they get from piano lessons, might have a Monday wine then as no planning stuff to do tonight.

What sort of fails does she like?

I can post you a real one


Mario, zelda, mario kart


:avocado: :on::fire: :bread: :heavy_plus_sign: :fried_egg:

:tv: :question:

:open_book: :question:



She’s really into the brutal ones, the most damage the better. She laughs her head off.

What age group are you thinking of games wise?


Evening! I’m about to see The Muppet Christmas Carol at the BFI, part
II of my Christmas films day. The woman on the counter said: “I’m jealous, we’ve had people asking for tickets all day.” It’s going to be ace.


Evening Scout! About to head up to your neck of the woods this evening but first I need to clean my house for some viewings tomorrow and pack my bags for Christmas (and catch up on dis too, obviously)

Smashed the work quiz today but only got given a bike-inspired secret Santa present. WTAF?!


I might make a start on that Bette Davies series on iplayer - Susan Sarandon AND Jessica Lange! Swoon


I’m so tired :sleeping::sleeping:

Had my 4 year old niece round to “help” me decorate some Christmas cookies today which was very nice, but I’m just still exhausted from too many Christmas parties etc last week/over the weekend.

Leaving for the holidays tomorrow morning, still need to pack for that as well as clean up the mess from baking etc before collapsing in bed.

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Happy fucking Monday evening. Been awake since 3.50. powering through. Curry in a bit. Great evening.


they are 8 and 10. We let them play Star Wars which is a 15 but generally looking at Pegi 7.

Have added mario odyssey and 1-2 switch to the cart. Got Mario Kart 8 and Zelda on the wii u so not getting them again

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My wife started watching this without me, saying she didnt think I’d be interested. Of course im interested!!

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Saw this at cinema on Saturday. It was great, enjoy!

Amazing! Enjoy! I’ve never really watched it all the way through, which obviously I need to rectify soon

Getting a Switch as a joint present for me and the kids :grinning:

The big games are Mario and Zelda at the moment. Splatoon looks like a fun multiplayer game, it’s like a shooter but without the violence.

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Manchester or THE NORTH? Where do you live now actually, london?

I find it tough to enjoy those sorts of activities with kids as I’m too much of a control freak!

Do they taste nice?