Actual Manchester. Driving from Oxford. Do it every month at the moment so can practically do the journey with my eyes closed.

I really fancy a curry but the place I like doesn’t deliver.

What’s your favourite dish?

I will advise that you keep your eyes open regardless.

If you’re ever up when I’m doing a tour come along for free (last Sunday of every month)

Either a Dhansak or Dupiaza in the place we’re going to.


If I can organise things so I’m working there on a Monday I definitely will, thanks.

I’d baked most of the cookies before she arrived, and I was in charge of icing as that’s the messy part - she just stuck the chocolates on them:

Also, keep in mind she’s not my kid so I can be more relaxed with things etc.


Love the unicorn!

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I think I might just play Final Fantasy VII for a few hours. Only evening of free time this week and I’m fully intent on doing fuck all.


One of my favourite jazz skeleton’s staying over atm, just heard him say to my flatmate his new year’s resolution is not to whitey for the first 6 months. #lifegoals


I’ve never played that. Is it fighting mostly or nothing like it?

Jazz skeleton?

He’s very thin and plays the saxomophone


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Really wish our block of flats had a vending machine.

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Ooooooh shit…jut remembered I’ve not opened my advent calendar for a few days. Chocolate crisis resolved.


It’s a very, very long story with random battles that are turn based. The random element puts people off put the world itself is totally engrossing.

ordered some indian. probably too much.

that’s all the #content I have for tonight

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I’ve got a cider but the bottle is too big and it’ll go to waste if I open it (rarely drink more than a glass of booze)

One of those Weston’s bottles from morrisons - 500ml? I do have a good nigella recipe that I can use ciderinthough so suppose I can make that tomorrow if I open it now.

In the pub. Peekaboo.