Evening. How’s it hangling?

hey there!

Been drawing most of today, it’s been good.

Worried that I have some kinda eye cancer or flesh eating eye disease which is not so good

At the airport. Can see a guy wearing a hoodie with the motif ‘forest hill’ on the front.

Really want that hoodie

Not really exaggerating to say Jamie Oliver’s television shows are saving my life atm :+1:

Yessss boil that saffron m9

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Think tonight is the final part of the epic saga of Rick Stein’s annexing of Mexico to Padstow






Oh god I’d forgotten how much spanish toddlers annoy me. So shrill and whiney

Bloke with a blue passport cover next to me. :triumph:

I have finally started packing for the move - just over a week to go. Feel quite sad really - end of an era

tesco were clearing out all their ben and jerrys so the diet is going pretty well


Didn’t go to work today
Not going to work tomorrow
Might watch some Seinfeld and not laugh at it some more

Percentage chance he just happened to renew his passport in the last week and not just a massive, massive kipper is practically nil

One of those passport covers. I’m gonna be really obnoxious and rude and maybe drunk to him if we’re sat next to each other


Iggy pop lookalike on the same flight tho. Could be worse

So many ridiculous bad food offers at this time of year. Got a load of big smartie penguins (like 10) because they were scanning as 10p in Waitrose. They are basically a giant choc penguin with smarties inside and then a smaller penguin with smarties iNSIDE that!! Insane


gonna eat some escalopes, might watch a film. dunno.

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I also didn’t go to work today*…and not in until next week
*though I actually didn’t take that as annual leave and fucked up as thought we started back tomorrow. Just didn’t go in or email my boss, he’ll figure it out

how can you say no? they’re basically forcing them on you. might try and sue the supermarkets.