CAN’T SLEEP :upside_down_face::sob:

I thought you were veggie. Aren’t escalopes meat?

What’s all this blackadder stuff in this thread?! :smiley:


What’s with the vaguebooking?

thought it would be your era tbh!


Ah right, cheers. I find the taste of meat grim so those fake meat things aren’t for me.

Yeah of course. I’ll be home evenings this week, got a few things on at the weekend but can definitely find some time if the weekend is better. I’m in homerton, give me a PM when suits best!

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Hey, I didn’t want to say much because I know you know the law / your rights etc. But it sounds like a really really shitty situation, it sounds like your landlady has been totally unreasonable (even as excluded occupiers, which I think you are, she owes you reasonable notice), and I hope that things get resolved for you soon.

I’m sure you’ve thought about this but your local council might be able to help you with the money for a deposit for another place. And if they don’t help, you might be able to get help in other places where you have a local connection. I’m happy to have a dig around to see if there’s any way of getting some help with this - appreciate that you may have already done that.

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Of course it’s absolutely fine. I’m in tonight and probably tomorrow night but working the afternoon and evenings at the weekend.
Store as much as you need

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This all sounds shit? :frowning: hope it works out and sorry we’re not still there to provide you with some storage help x


Yep, course pal. I’m in work til 6 but you can drop stuff off at mine anytime really, there’ll usually be someone in, and certainly in the evening.

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I promise I won’t sell it

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Am PMing you x

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Yeah of course, any time is fine :slight_smile:

I’m in Walthamstow so probs a bus ride from some other disers - my flat is full of boxes so a few more won’t hurt! :slight_smile:

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Hopefully finishing a big article tonight, has been a long time in the works. Best part (other than it being quite important etc.) is that my editor hasn’t said how much I can charge him for it so I’m just going to make up an amount.

It’s gonna get really cold here this weekend, like -15 degrees and stuff :frowning:

EDIT: ffs not today’s evening thread is it


Yeah course :slight_smile: I’ll DM my number :slight_smile:

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Was just annoyed with myself pal, always reply in the wrong evening/day thread