I’m having a great time! Just googling really big pictures of creme eggs and staring at them longingly.

How about you?


just found new feature in my scandisk usb drive :smiley:



That egg looks a bit too cold. If it were at optimum temperature the filling would be oozing nicely.

Had a couple of brandies while sitting on the sofa. Probably should make that macaroni cheese for which I have the ingredients sitting on the worktop.

Yeah, getting up now…

Feel a bit bad because I mentioned I would probably commit treason as I left work and think everyone took it a bit personally :frowning:

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Like obviously if someone was going to do that they wouldn’t banter about it
I don’t even know where the Queen lives


whistles casually

got your back buddy

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Wearing a pink shirt :womans_clothes: And just bought a pressure washer. Think I’m ready to be a fully paid up member of the Conservative party

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Been pub, had 2 halves of very lovely beer (half of a brew by numbers pale, and half of a local breweries new stout). Got a beef casserole in the slow cooker that I’m waiting to finish and some sourdough bread to go with it. Gonna have a couple of beers, maybe a glass of red and hit the hay early enough

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I was going to move some more stuff from my old to my new apartment but instead I have to work. Having a baked potato with cheese and beans though so everything’s coming up Milhouse.

that sounds excellent

Plans for this evening:

  • Clean the animals room
  • go for a run

Which part? I’ve had a very lazy, good day. Even squeezed in a proper cream tea before pub (russian caravan if you were wondering). This isn’t rubbing it in btw

Just back from my first trip to the gym in a while. I’m fucking knackered

All of it! I want a beer

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@ruffers @japes @keith @urbanfox @meowington and any other Stein fans. They’re showing the series again on BBC 2 at 7!!!


Maybe I’ll have a gin and tonic.

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I was already watching Portillo in the motherland :joy:

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Love a bit of portillo

Oh god is portillo in Spain?