I’ve had dinner already so I’m declaring it evening.

I’m planning on moving my dinner forward half an hour in the hopes that it means I get to bed earlier and get up earlier and become super productive and transform my life!

What have you got planned this evening?

I’m going to play some more GTA Vice City I think, a friend has asked me to draw his album artwork for him so I think I’ll make a start on that tomorrow.

Hope you’ve got something fun planned x

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It’s not evening yet

Groggy as I’ve just had a kip. Spaghetti Bolognese for tea

it’s evening once you’ve had dinner rich

Nah it’s not

fight you for it!

I’m a fraidy cat so no

aw it’s ok (imagine I just ruffled your hair there), you can call it late late afternoon if you like.

Spag bol sounds nice, don’t think I’ve eaten that since I was a child, bet it’s really tasty

The TV makes the functional meals, and it’ll taste fine, bit it’ll have no depth of flavour to it.

don’t let her/him hear you say that!

Nah, she knows.

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Woah… what’s going on here? it’s only 5:58!


This apparently. I’m very uncertain of the truthfulness of this statement

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it’s 18:00 now, officially recognised as evening by everyone. You can now post :slight_smile:

what was in the boxes? Solid gold?

way more valuable then!

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Okay, thanks Bam. Let’s keep quiet about what happened there; no-one beyond the three of us need to know you went a bit far this evening :wink: :shushing_face:

Was supposed to be going to a JavaScript meetup, but knocked that on the head, so will be looking for some ingredients to cook in a bit.


Mackerel and mash for dinner. Sounds unpleasant but we’ll see. I also have beer and want to watch episode 6 of Fargo before my brother gets back from work.


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a Javascript meet up?! I’m sure one of the more tech savvy folks here can think of a great joke punchline to this

Sneak some worcestershire sauce in. Almost always improves any bland meat based dish.

I just chuck Tabasco sauce on everything but same principle I guess.