What you up to & what you eating?

Planning to observe SFPP, then drink some :beers: and play some :video_game:


I’m going to eat a shitload of korean barbecue, been salivating about it since 9am.

Made a version of a sprout nasi goreng which was OK. No beers tonight because of football tomorrow.

Might watch The Dark Tower if we can be bothered.

just had a stir fry.

Enjoying the new cards in Hearthstone this evening

Need to do the washing up :frowning:

Just living the dream



Just Eat emailed me a £5 voucher while we were talking about what to eat. It’s destiny.


I also have a stuffed crust pizza.

They always make me feel rank, but what a ride.


Got my boyfriend an advent calendar from work that was a left over christmas sample (i work on confectionery). Given that i got him his first of last year’s advent calendars* in august, that’s what, 8 months between first and last advent calendar? I still have 2 weeks left at this job yet so there’s still time to find another calendar, or one of last year’s easter eggs or something

*obviously he got about 4 advent calendars from me


Horrible work day. All the booze shops are closed and I want to get shitfaced.

Evening all. Heading up to the canteen later to nuke some soup. I usually go up there without shoes - last night as I walked out of the lifts two men headed towards me. One exclaimed to the other: “Fucking hell, he’s not wearing shoes.” Is it really that noteworthy?

All booze shops are closed, whit?!

I live in Sweden, everything closes at 7 :face_vomiting:

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Nice! What you gonna order?

I mean you can say what you like about high standards of living, social equality etc etc but when it comes to that shit, man, their priorities are all over the place! :wink:


Always feel like I should give Hearthstone a go.

Was supposed to meet the tv a half hour ago but she’s been held up at work, so I’m drinking solo, which is fine of course.
Meeting some other ATDs later, think I should eat before this gets out of hand :thinking:

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We have ordered from Fortune Cat: Hot & Sour Soup, Chicken Balls and Singapore Noodles.

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RIP @imipolex.

:man_cook: :trophy: