Hurt my already bad back on this within about 30seconds btw. It wants to go so fucking fast!

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:rofl: :joy:

Have you tried making any ramps yet? :smile:

I’ve just tried holding onto the banisters and hitting the mirror in the hallway. They have been the crowd pleasers/trick repertoire

Alright? Just approaching Leipzig where I’m going to go hang out with my pal’s baby, even though I find babies kinda weird

Just out of work. Going to head into town, get a few beers, talk to the TV for a while and then head to see one of my favourite bands in the world, Fixity.

Bonus selfie to commemorate doing two hours of overtime on a Friday.


i just had a temper tantrum cos the touchscreen went funny on my phone the other week and today it stopped working at all so i ended up smashing the fucker to pieces because it wouldn’t work :persevere:

i really fucking hate technology.

Knackered. Worked 11 days straight, not taken my TOIL so I’m on edge. 2 of my colleagues left on Wednesday so the workload is lurching over the horizon like some horrible entity. :expressionless:

Still, not to worry! :smiley: Early one I think so I’m fighting fit for FENINO!

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On the train to Scotland aren’t I


Wait, what, is there a meat I don’t know about?! :weary::grinning::wink:

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Where are you biking?

I feel v unwell! Run down, throat flare up, sicky feeling…

Bath and an early night for me :sob:

Nowhere! I’m going to a wedding :wedding: in between Dunbar and North Berwick.

FAO @Lo-Pan also



I’m drinking beautiful stout, listening to Coma Cinema and cooking up seabass and roasted veg with cous cous. Fucking knackered so my plan to drink a load of beer tonight might not come to fruition

Oh mate feel better soon :kissing_heart:


That double hopped Citra is a cracker

It’s very nice :ok_hand:

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Got the big tins of normal citra in the fridge. Great bunch o beers

Have fun PN! :+1::grinning:

Exactly my plan, but maybe see what shit music doc BBC4 are playing after