In a Walsall hotel. Sat on my own in the bar. There are many professional football types drinking bottled beer and looking clean cut and handsome. Terrifyingly out of my depth.

In my room is a fifty inch TV with Sky, Michael Atherton’s ears looked enormous.

It’s £4.95 a pint and £16 for a burger.

What are you doing tonight?


Just thinking deep thoughts.

Might play some donkey Kong or sit in the garden doing Picross puzzles

Why are you in this hotel he2?

about to go for a run

REALLY enjoying this video of a pappo absolutely panicking and messing up the spongebob song after justin bieber feeds him the intro

Evening guys.

Had a wonderful day down on Bournemouth beach. Walk on the beach and a paddle, a huge ice cream, nice late lunch. Gonna pop out and buy some wanker beerz and hope this baby shows itself at some point.

Evening :wave:
About to head home, everything aches from my brain to my toes. Weekend can’t come soon enough for ya fishy boi. Gonna go see the old man and get him out on his bike. (One way to make me feel fast :grin:)

Mrs Z asked for McDonalds, so did that. Now going to spend some time setting up my new webserver.

On a two day module on a leadership course. This is the joint they’ve put us up in overnight. I was expecting misery room, not a plush leisure village.

Done a bit more packing, can’t do much else til we get some more boxes. Had a southern fried chicken goujon and hash brown wrap for tea, was unorthodox but tasty. Watching trashy tv with the tv and drinking squash for the rest of the evening I think.

Hello he_2, bam, tricklenipple, navajo, rich-t, Tuna, colinzealuk, MartyFunkhouser!

I am having a quiet pint and preparing to play a gig later. TV is gone home after her appointment. Pretty tired from worrying about her and also me being sick but I’ll power through.

@profk and also @Jeremys_Iron!


Been so tired when I get back from work recently

Loving the attention to detail of that edit.

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YES! Much earlier than anticipated too :blush:

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I’m so, so happy.


My attention to detail knows no bounds.

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Our for dins in Tooting Market the night. Gonna keep one eye on the Lincoln (UTI) game :eyes:

Smash the shit out of that gig laddy :call_me_hand:

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Are you a natural leader? I hated being in charge of anyone at work


Does beamish have a slight red hue to it?

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Yep! It’s faint but if you shine a white light through it yoi can see it!

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