I’ve got a pizza, some cheap wine (cheapest sainsbury’s had was £4.50. feels like a massive rip off). plan is to probably play prey

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Yo ticket purchased for Sunday.

Tonight gonna watch some football live from the Tony Macaroni Arena.

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Christ, no. Until a couple of years ago being a manager was the least likely thing I was ever going to become. Now, yeah, I do okay with it and quite enjoy it.



Big, big game.

Supposed to be playing cards in the pub but I’m shattered, so got a Tory takeaway and am watching Futurama. Going to alternate between that and playing Zelda until I pass out.

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leaving here in 40 mins. gonna go to spoons at york station and get a beer and a burger, then sleep on the train all the way back to the gloriously miserable smoghole where i live.

I’m trying to work out what the toriest takeaway is now


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Correct. Via Deliveroo.

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bet you didn’t tip either

your new avi is perfect next to this thread title, yeah?



I think we’ve established today that I’m not made of money, eric.

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evening, etc?

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Popped down to local for beers, bumped into an ATD, he’s maybe the coolest man in Glasgow.
Fuck me his outfits are always awesome.

More beer and then pizza I think! :+1:


Evening team. Chicken kiev and chips and watching arrested development

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Chicken Kiev * Homer Simpson drooling gif*

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Might live blog it all blurred in the football thread.

Explain how his outfits are awesome please.

Had a nap. Watching some European cup hockey filmed by cameramen with very shaky hands. Making lists of all the things I need cancel before moving out. Having hot dogs for tea.