Is it evening yet? What you up to? What you eating?

Started the endless cycle of the cat asking to be let in through the window when the back door behind her is wide open. Guaranteed she will then run straight out of the back door. That’s my evening sorted.


Evening! Had hot dogs because of that thread. Packing. Watching Love Island.

evening imipolex g and etc

I sat around all day reading and waiting for various things (both tangible and intangible) all of which I’m still waiting for

probably will do some more of the above

After this poll last night I would like to see some of the evening thread lurkers posting please. :pray:


Imagine posting nonsense all day but then being too cool to post in the evening thread. Imagine!


Got my parents round visiting the baby. Gonna cook up some tea after they leave and then have a nap. I’m whacked.

I got a chicken noodle soup thing from Wasabi. I’ll have to heat it up again when I get home. I should have just got in a Subway.

Loads of work emails to write when I get home together with a start on writing a shift rota. All shit stuff. I hope you guys have a better evening than me.

Hi imipolex & etc,

Had spaghetti for tea, will hopefully be following that up soon with spare cream cheese frosting after covering my mum’s birthday cake. Also need to wrap presents, write out card.

Bit shattered as R didn’t want to nap today (this meant no nap for me also), but had a nice morning at the library - R was super into the story and rhyme bit today, doing all the actions and sounds, it is good to see him like that because for quite a while he was pretty reserved outside of home.

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Did you get anything good at the library? My GF got tickets for her and my daughter to go to a Benji Davies reading/live illustration. Well jealous!

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Blew up?

I had lasagne earlier. From a kit, for shame. Out with dog and then going to mark till bed time.

The Fever of the Hay is upon us.

A tish oo.

No way I’m open opening the window for the cat in that sitch

I am very jealous too! Never get anything like that around here.

We got The Day the Crayons Came Home, Peace at Last by Jill Murphy (which I remember having when I was little) and a pretty good lift the flap book about space.

Also, they were giving away little copies of A Busy Day For Birds through a Bookstart thing, we’d had it before from the library so it was cool to get a copy. That was what was being R when R got really into doing all the bird motions and sounds :grinning:

Inspired meself in the weird food combo thread and made this for din dins


She’ll just sit there staring at me though if I don’t do it.

You deserve all the subservience to your cat that you get

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What is it? I like your chopsticks.

Home from Barcelona. Watching Parks & Rec. Such an uplifting tv show, it’s helping to stave off the post-holiday misery.

My brother is there. He says 80 percent of audience are reading books whildt waiting for her to come on.


We spent about three weeks cooking and tidying up after visiting family members when The Child arrived. Wor Lass’s man visited three times in two weeks after she was born, not to mention arriving at the hospital the day before she was born.