It’s a racist Vietnamese noodle soup

It’s part of a children’s book festival at Quarry Bank Mill. Looks really good. Remember we were in Waterstones once and it turned out Oliver Jeffers was there to do a reading. Got kicked out though because you needed a ticket :frowning_face: Love The Day the Crayons Came Home, it’s such a great idea for a children’s book!

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Sounds like the plot to a Simon Pegg movie.

Glad no-one got hurt though.

Ah yes, sorry - I forgot about your description in the other thread. Looks better than you’d described. Doesn’t look too racist.

I think the chopsticks placement is racist. If there are any pan Asians who could let me know that would be appreciated

Having tea at a place called the cats pyjamas in Headingley.

Smells good.

Jeez it has been a loooooong day and I’m still not home yet

Bank holiday tomorrow though :sweden:

Hey everyone

Had a couple of delicious dogs for tea

Watching the Hugh Grant thing, drinking tea, cuddling Jessica

going to start referring to hot dogs exclusively as ‘delicious dogs’ from now on.

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It’s alright. Just chopped the tip of my thumb off!!!

As a semi-lurker, I’m too cool to post in the evening thread, sorry.

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I was about to welcome you with open arms but then you dissed us so…

Preoccupations tonight. So very old and tired.

just ordered delivery burger king (thats a thing here).

pretty low moment tbf.

That depends, how far would you have to go to the actual premises?

30 minute walk.

and 30 minutes back.

That is far enough away that there is nothing wrong with ordering it in.

What happened to the tapas dream eh? Not even a Maccy Ds.

Man cannot live on tapas alone.

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