What’s up?

I’ve got a cider to celebrate being productive today. It’s the best cider ever because it’s like 8%


Is it Henry Westons?



you been following me?

What a guess!!!


pretty sure it’s the best cider they have in the coop

think i’m gonna buy a flatscreen tv.
anyone got one? what’s the best size to get?

Our co op has quite a few local ciders, but that might just be cause it’s in Devon. I don’t buy them there cause I get them from my work.

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doubt you can get them smaller than 40 inches these days

you know what’s good? I get notifications whenever anyone responds here now, which makes me feel popular

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I saw strongbow, thatchers, maybe a bottle or two of magners

given up beer now because it makes my stomach hurt the next day and makes me sleepy

Quite irked at missing the Hunger Games thread - because I was actually doing work! That never happens! Arghhh

Kinda want to go and do stuff but no one is responding, and it’s nice out but not enough to chill and read or anything. Might just beer and pizza and film, never gonna complain about that tbh :man_shrugging:

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Thatcher’s is ok really. Haze is better than Gold. The Thatcher’s dry is best but very rare now. If they hsve Thatcher’s Old Rascal then get that. I might make you a parcel up…

ah you’ll make me feel too guilty!

to represent northants I could send you an old shoe or something?


or make some kinda prog song about how great devon is as thanks

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Why would you punish me this way?


that sounds too big

not a fan of needless time signature changes?

Happy Easter lads!