Well, the worst has happened.

The Supermarket near me has closed until November. Now everyone is in Lidl. You know what Lidl is like at the best of times. It was feral in there. They ran out of eggs ffs. Eggs! I queued for 20 minutes until I got to the front. Tesco deliveries from now on then :’(

Anyone else having an exceptionally hard time today? I can’t believe this could happen to me.


Making potato quesidillas

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There was a huge storm here last night. Today my colleague posted on Facebook ‘my lemon tree was knocked off the balcony last night :(’ and I’m so impressed at how posh that sentence is.


Hi @escutcheon!

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Is this a reference, am I failing to get a reference right now, oh god

Hi mwt. I’m picking up vietnamese on the way home, might start watching return of the king and maybe work on some design stuff (which i’m no good at). hopefully be in bed by 10:30pm if i’m being quite honest.

Because it was haunted!

Oh ffs! I’m out of it today


Joined my new companies LGBTQI+ group didn’t I. Did I tell you that outside they fly the Scottish flag, the EU flag, and the companies flag… Jojned w by a pride flag?


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Hi all.

Gonna eat tea and watch football later :metal:

@AQOS that’s a shame about your local supermarket. Tesco the only option? No local grocers/market you could use?

@escutcheon didn’t even know these were a thing… they good?

Hi @ericVI what’s your Vietnamese? Pho?

I’m at the doctors, they do evening appointments now which is handy. I’m early and there is no one in the waiting room do hopefully it’ll be quick. It’s nice and air-conditioned though so I could happily stay here.

Star wars chat begs to differ

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Is this UK Lidl or CZ Lidl? Or are they basically the same?

Same, think its France and nordic countries where its different?

Nah only in the centre and it’s hugely out of my way. Sigh

not sure yet, not a huge menu so think my options are basically:

  • pho
  • curry
  • bahn mi
  • bun

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Good data thanks

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