It’s dark outside so therefore I decree it must be eventime.

Had a pizza for… Breakfastlunchdinner as I realised I’d forgotten to eat yet today.

Feeling a bit bored and lonely and hoping you lovely lot will help cheer me up. X


Also bored and no plans.

Got a couple of local beers so might have one of them

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I had TWO coffees today AND a greggs!

That’s pretty wild isn’t it?


Oooh what did you get from Greggs!

cheese and onion bake and a sausage roll. Don’t judge me :frowning:

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No judgement at all! Mmm could go a sausage roll

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I am on a train to London! (a record low fare of £8, thank you Stoke/Stafford trick), going to see my old housemate for food and drinks tonight and then up early for the Eurostar to finally get off this horrible little island for the first time in over two years :upside_down_face: cannot wait


What is this trick


Gf had a greggs vgn sausage roll at like 9:30am today

  • This is too early to consume a sausage roll
  • This is an acceptable time to consume a sausage roll
  • Don’t really care

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Ahoy. Bored, fed up, impatient. Doing bangers and mash for tea. Feel like I need a change, but fuck knows how I do that


Hi you lot!

Another here for bored club. Also I’m a bit worried because the clock/season change has hit me really hard this year and I’m worried about what a long dark winter will do to me, especially as I haven’t shaken unhealthy lockdown life yet.

Leftover chorizo and butterbean stew tonight. In much more exciting news I bought a massive book of cryptic crosswords at a service station over the weekend so I’m gonna do some of that too.

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It is now the evening.

Was meant to have a catch up with my ex last week, he rainchecked to tonight. Sent them a message to see if we were still on, no answer.

Sigh. I don’t even mind like just stop clowning buddy.

blates gonna catch a mouse tomorrow but I really cba to walk 5 miles in the rain at 7am :frowning:

It’s possible to buy extremely cheap tickets between Manchester and Stoke/Stafford, and it’s also possible to buy extremely cheap tickets between Stoke/Stafford and London.

If the timings work out right you can have a tiny wait and do the journey in ~3 hours for very little. Have been doing it for years but never managed it this cheaply


Hi! Just had salmon, asparagus and rice for dinner. No real plans for tonight. I’ve got a nagging feeling there’s something I should be doing, but can’t place what

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Drinking a delicious beer?

I guess it’s not really a trick but not many people seem to know about it

If you combine it with the Railcard ‘trick’ (fraudulently acquiring one) you can do it for even less!

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shite day and after stressing out about something all day my boss comes in at like 5:30 and goes ‘ah actually don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal after all’


feel like i might walk the hour+ home and maybe stop for a secret pint or some food on the way


Gonna drink tomorrow for work cos I’m dreading it

There is delicious beer in the fridge…

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