I’m ready for bed. Lasagne for dinner, and probably some of the cake I baked for a picnic tomorrow.

What you guys upto?


Hello Scout! How are you? Is all well in your world?

I’m at the office, working late and listening to a ridiculously heartbreaking episode of This American Life.


Yo Scout! How goes it!

I’ve hurt my back and can’t go to dance lessons. Don’t want to push it as I’m filling in on bass for a band tonight. Will rest, then shower and then I’ll get my gear to the venue.


just about to have tea/dinner/supper. it’s tea innit.

fish cakes, rice, mange tout (Rodney)

might crawl into bed soonish.

feels like autumn tonight, doesn’t it. fuuuuck


Just rewarded myself for getting through the working day with a quick spot of gaming. Now about to cook a bolognese with spiralised butternut squash instead of spaghetti.


Going for some arbitrary dining


Lazy day, mainly sleeping and watching films
Ghost busters (reboot), it follows, midnight special
Bit of TV too.
Just got my work bag ready for tomorrow put some butternut squah in the oven to soup up later on.

Got an annoying pain on the ball of my foot… kind of like a blister but there is no visible blister. Putting it down to all the walking I did over the weekend :confused:


Love gateaux de possion (or, fish cakes to you common types). What sort you got?


Hey scout/all

Been invited to a quiz but shattered and really just fancy a nice cup of tea or two.


I’m the fucking king of making pasta with salmon or tuna

Fuck off




Fish cek! A cek made of fish!!


Good evening everyone


Evening Scout, Evenin all,
I’ve done fuck all today and I plan to do the same tonight, got some nice mackerel for dinner.


good eve.

I have to do some washing and then I might watch a film if I can find anything on the netflixes (doubtful)


I’ve just eaten a Thai style butternut squash curry with prawns. It was tasty but not as good as when I’ve done the recipe before.

No exciting plans tonight as I am back at work tomorrow and I’ve been charmingly drunk for the last four nights. Might watch more Bojack.


I watched the final Hunger Games last night on Next Flickers.


Yeah i watched both of the hungry mockingjay films over the weekend myself.


not really into any of those ya films tbh


lidl basic jobbies, dude. solid cod. 88p at the moment too. would buy again