What’s going on?

I’m watching Rules of the Game. Addictively rubbish.

What about you?

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All right. Went to pick up a wedding present for my bro and also bought a scarf. Going to heat up some curry and watch El Cancelico

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Wrong thread

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Watching a YouTube vid and underneath it said “Uploaded 16 years ago”, weirded me out a bit

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Also wrong thread


Just had salmon and courgettes. Early night for tilty. Will take a big flask of herbal tea to bed and play Mario kart for a cutla hours.

Pasta’n’sauce and garlic bread for dinner. No plans for tonight. Might have a beer

Just submitted my freelance thing. Not in any form that I’m happy with but I’ve already worked twice the time I billed for and I’m done.

Last episode of Yellowjackets tonight, which was I was anticipating working through so that’s a nice treat. Going to try and get an early night and hope my swollen glands thank me for the sleep and I awake in full health. Thanks in advance to my lymphatic system.

Oh yeah, got some diggers outside seeing to “an 8 year gas leak” in the next block along. Have been telling people I’ve been smelling gas outside since I moved in. Thought I was losing the plot.

My newborn has just cried himself hoarse. Rough. Recovery time for both of us now.


Gonna watch yellow jackets for a bit and then the apprentice and then sleep


Reinstate this please.

Almost feeling human again after a hell week with the Rona

Still not :100: though

Tonight - Arsenal v Liverpool & then bed

Two and a half days on nothing but H**l.

Ordered a curry pizza. Fuck it.

What is ‘Yellow Jackets’?

Latest series for people to binge.

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Got an annoying work e-mail that I can’t stop thinking about telling me do something but I’ve no idea why so technically I’m still working I guess.

Bit of a spoiler that. Even if it is predictable.

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Is it? I haven’t watched a single scene of it and this is all I see anyone say about it on the internet. Thought it was billed upfront as such. Had no idea it was a spoiler, sorry

Managed to edit the earlier post just in time :+1:t3:


I’ve already finished Yellowjackets, no self control :frowning:

I am looking forward to the Apprentice later

Not for me. :boy: :meat_on_bone:

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