still working, got 6music on. They’re playing Oliver’s Army and didn’t censor out the N word. Not really on is it, that.

Off to decathlon to get a new bike cause mine got nicked :frowning: then seeing Honeyblood for free later

What’ve you got on


In the office till about 20:30 or so probs. Then back home to wash up, watch absolutely nothing worthwhile on telly, have a shower and then go to bed.


Oooft! not sure how the City fans will react to that sort of massive, massive chat mate


Learning a bit of R and Python as I contemplate a career with more of a data science / coding slant.
Then going to cook a goan curry with prawns.
Watch GBBO.


Had another tonsillitis day, hopefully not the worst sort. Pretty bored now, just waiting for the footie


Hey now, don’t stir!


This is my evening exactly. Wednesday’s I always do 9 to 8:30 and lock the office up. It’s paid overtime but it’s shit.


If it’s any consolation mine is unpaid!


I’m done in. Two nights in a row of poor sleep. I’m pooped.


That’s normally the other 4 days of the week for me. Just on Wednesday I’m officially paid for out of hours support. Never get a call though.


At the pub, having a few before seeing moderat :sunglasses:


Disappointed by the lack of takers for 6music racism/stolen bike chat tbh guys


Not into 6music or cycling so I glossed over the content of what you were saying.

The N word thing is dead bad, I’m sorry about your ordeal with crime.


That’s all I wanted really Ant, cheers. Pretty sure they censor out the N word in hip-hop tracks, too. Poor form


Which is literally the only time when they shouldn’t be!


Got tomorrow and Friday off and very glad about it. Very tired now after two months intense work.

Had an amazing objectives meeting at work - they pretty much told me I’m a God (kind of)

Gonna watch the football, eat a pizza and just sit here.


I see the argument for complete censorship of it pre-watershed tbh. Don’t really want 6music kids running round repeating it out of context. But you can’t censor Kendrick and let Elvis Costello go


Ever listened to that Elvis Costello and The Roots album? While we’re talking about hip hop and Elivs Costello


I haven’t. Any good? great segue btw.


I would describe it as “okay” or “absolutely fine”

(Thanks for the compliment mate, was literally the only reason I brought it up as you can imagine :wink: )