Imagine all the lovers are doing loads of smooching tonight.

What else is going on?

Watching dollface and cooking a M&S curry

Moong dal for me. Simply ‘okay’.


Hoping for a smooch, probably not going to happen. Soup and sourdough for tea. Just been doing some much needed journal admin. Off tomorrow, so gonna beer a bit tonight I think.

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Quiche and oven chips for dinner. Not worth a photo.

A night lounging on the sofa beckons

I just had a Home Alone moment (my neighbour forgot to get m from school), I ran with the fantasy and did my best Catherine O’Hara looking for a polka band in the taxi queue at Piccadilly.

Look at my crow badge :black_heart:

I’m won’t be doing any smooching :fist: I will be thinking about it though.


Am I fuck

That looks great! :two_hearts:

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Stuffing-crusted pork steaks, dauphinois and peas for tea. Very nice indeed. Gonna watch CBS Reality and lounge around until bedtime I think.

Thanks. I should have precooked or soaked tbe mung beans for longer though, there were some gritty ones that had me fearing for my teeth :sob: I’ll need to give the leftovers a longer cook

The feral urge to have a pot noodle for dinner when I bought loads of nice, healthy food

No smooching for me, and none for Joel and Maggie i’d imagine either.

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Hiiiiiii all, still feel shite. The bf is out for the evening so I am firmly planting myself on the sofa and I think I’m going to watch some sci fi and eat some popcorn :blush:

Evening all!

I’ve had a pretty nice day off - dropped The Child off at nursery and went out for breakfast with Wor Lass, then got a hair cut and eventually bought a sofa.

I made a large volume of saag paneer for tea and there is now a big tub of radioactive green sauce going into the freezer. We all had heart-shaped empire biscuits for dessert.

We were meant to be getting our hob back this morning but the electrian needed a cable he didn’t have spares of so is coming back. I also managed to chase a refund for a coat I returned.

There might be some smooching later but I’m too much of a gentleman to tell you about it.

It’s an episode where everyone in town is horny and smooching in their dreams. Ffs.


Had a mooch around the Marks’s valentine’s meal deal earlier but it looked shit.

They did have the 2 X pizzas and 2 X sides for a tenner on though. So we had potato skins and half a cheeseburger and half a spicy chicken pizza each. Dirty fries kept back for another day.

No real plans for this evening. Bit of dog entertaining and a bit of telly I suppose.



I’ve just done a bunch of smooching with two beautiful Great Danes.

I’m about to put together a dinner that’s extremely “last day before paycheck”. Some good things in there, just would normally never have thought to put these things together as one meal: onion rings, jalapeno poppers, spring rolls with rice. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Think I figured out (by way of internet, not been via a doctor yet) what’s been causing my dizziness for the past couple of weeks, I’m pretty certain it’s that thing where the crystals in your inner ear (!) get dislodged and your brain literally can’t make up or down out of anything. Luckily, I also found an excercise/set of movements that’s meant to help, so as of yesterday I’m doing those on the regular. Life in your 30s man, always something new!! (Although this is apparently most common in people in the 50+ age group…)

Things are continuing to move forward with my festival which is now only slightly more than two months away! :scream::star_struck:


Gave blood today so I’m having a kebab and chips.


Bowie’s finest work


Best stuff would’ve gone over the weekend.

Got me the leek souffle tarts, duck breast and plum sauce, asparagus and billionaire pots with a bottle of prosecco. Doing roasted tenderstem broccoli and honey roasted chantenay carrots with the duck and asparagus. That’s tomorrow night’s tea sorted. £16 baby


I have! Don’t think it’s exactly that though, but classifications vary a little bit between countries tbf. What I think it is is called “crystal disease” over here (which is hilarious imo), and has the catchy name Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo ( BPPV ) over your way.