It’s finally the weekend. Here’s my plans:

. catch up with a friend and maybe play some squash if my knee is up to it
. see my other friend who is unwell and maybe watch an arty foreign film
. cook a killer bacon sandwich
. pull up all the weeds in my front garden
. eat nachos

I hope you have some stuff that’s at least as exciting planned?


Going to the queer punk night at vogue fabrics, going to try and score some pills and just forget the world for a bit
Before that though a shower and a nice bowl of soup


that sounds more exciting than my life, well done mate! I would come with you but I dunno pilled up life sounds a bit scary


bf’s working in a pub so just me and the cat tonight. just eating some food (a little bit of the pasta my bf didnt finish, two onion bajis, half a garlic bread, will probably eat more later). gonna do some organisational stuff and see how i feel. i’m worried there’s something seriously wrong with my brain. it’s not normal to have a headache for a week.


(I’m already on a bit of xanax but I’m keeping it very hushed because my flatmate would go volcanic if he knew I was back on them but I am a bad and naughty weak willed man)


As mentioned in the other thread, I have work tonight and then again on Sunday. Hopefully seeing some films tomorrow.


Oh and I have a massive chocolate bar waiting for me in work (this is not a euphemism)


You registered with a surgery in Oxford yet DB? A terrible walk-in centre is your friend if not.


yeah I registered, just not had time to go yet


onion baji mmm tasty! how’s the degree going?


what films are you seeing?


you’re a lovely chap Ruffers x


Don’t remember what I have tickets for but it’s a festival


its going ok. was really really anxious earlier in the week and had a panic attack but i’m gradually getting better i think…


Forgive me if this sounds patronising but I wouldn’t put this off any longer.


im gonna call 111 in a bit i think. i’m not in any pain at the moment, just fuzzy brain and i get dizzy easily.


Oh btw, seeing as we’re all a bunch of screwed up misfits in here; anyone ever done any cognitive therapy? I’m starting it soon and don’t really know what to expect tbh.


I think I did for a bit, not sure. You seem like one of the most mentally well-balanced people on here tbh!


Took all my willpower to not go out but I’ve made it! Just hope no-one calls/texts and I crack!

Dunno what I’m gonna do? Probs watch football, do a bit of painting then head to bed and try to make the most of the weekend :dancing_women:


just gonna get the beers in, brb