Got hammered in the park and then some kid and his gran came up and played golf next to me, was very awkward.

How is your evening going?


Hiya Bam

Drinking a beer and going to eat the birthday pizza that I didn’t eat yesterday.

Then I need to stick some clothes in a bag because I’m off to Margate for the weekend.

My friends bought me a 9% can of mild beer for my bday so I might drink that too.


I had pizza yesterday, would eat pizza everyday and never get bored tbh. Happy birthday!


Same tbh, probably the food I’m least likely to get bored of if I ate it every day.

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Oh I want kedgeree now


Had a couple of sausages to use up so crumbled them into a tomato and basil sauce I knocked up. Restaurant quality stuff, guys.


Busy day at work and now tired. Oven is on, roasting a big load of tomatoes, some cauliflower, and three massive beetroot. Not sure what to do with them, blitz them and have them with some Orzo?

Also, Tiger’s Jaw are brilliant aren’t they?

  • someone from freecycle is coming to pick up the sofa bed, end of an era
  • curry is bubbling away on the hob
  • got a chat with kitty rescue in a bit, about becoming fosterers

gonna smash some poppadoms in a bit. a good evening imo


might have a beer (currently have an irn bru stolen from work)

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Gonna have a video chat with some rabbits in a short while :rabbit::rabbit:

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Working innit. At least i get to drive the van for a bit.


Some excellent animal news ITT!

Had a bit of a weirdly sad day, but my neighbour dropped over a bottle of lovely red wine for me to say thank you for doing him a favour this morning!

Embarrassingly the cat was eating her dinner when he knocked on my door and I stood back to show him and she lifted her head out of her trough long enough to look over her shoulder, burp and then dive back in. Still, better than the last time I answered the door to him and the little beast made a fucking run for it :smiley:

Was gonna have fish fingers and mash for tea but got distracted and cremated the fish fingers before the potatoes were even done so now it’s… mash and some veg and maybe gravy.


As if my cottage isn’t lovely enough there’s a cemetery and not at all creepily filled with cement and pebble dash abandoned church, got to keep those spectres in after all

Let’s also not mention the small haunted upstairs for victorian children where the door keeps opening by itself

Cw holiday spam



I’ve got some vegan chicken nuggets to have at some point.

Goin Wales in the morning for some mountain biking. Stopping off at forest of Dean en route.

I’ve packed, just about, but got a fucking slow puncture in my front tyre.

So xrubk

Had jacket potatties with hoops & sausages for tea, gonna do very little between now and bedtime I reckon. Had a busy ol’ day what with tours and that, tired now.


Just stood for ages at the kitchen sink waiting for the water to heat up then realised I had the cold tap running.

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Evening all!

I’ve had leftovers for two meals today - chilli and a microwave rice for lunch; fried harrisa veg and hummus in pittas for tea.

I went to the Parent Teacher Council meeting because I feel I should get more involved in school. The Head and I were the only men there and I turned up ten minutes late. The Child brought home an award for kindness today so at least I’m raising a little do-gooder.

I’m going to drink some tonic water and try to be in bed early.

Turned cold literally overnight, what the fuck that was speedy. Need hats and jackets on from tomorrow I think!

Poke bowl place downstairs reopened so … felt a trip over was necessary