I’ve had a very stressful week work wise, on top of having no bathroom and sorting out building stuff.

Tonight I was going to go to gym and then shower as I can’t at home.

But instead I just went for a swim, used the sauna and the jacuzzi thing. Made me feel a hell of a lot better.

Got home and had crumpets and ill shortly be heading to bed. Feel quite relaxed so hopefully I’ll sleep better than last night and have a better day tomorrow.

Totally understand this, work is crazy at the moment. Didn’t really sleep last night worrying.

Not sure it’s worth it anymore.

I’m supposed to be off for a week from the 26th. But I’m so busy and so short staffed I can’t dump stuff on my colleagues. Though they would to me.

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@Bamnan i found a little vegan choc pot! Night saved

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Watching Angel Face (1953 film). Cracked a Moretti. Bored of everything

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Rings of Power and Four Roses OF here

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Man, I’d kill for an OF


Make you one anytime babs

This 4R is extra fruity, interesting change from the usual bourbon flavours

Keep thinking it’s wednesday

How confused am I going to be next week when there are only 4 working days

Wide afuckingwake

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