What’s for tea? What you doing? Watching anything good?

Leftover lamb ragu with more red wine added and a generous glug of garlic oil on top.


We’ve had kyivs and smashed potatoes for tea.

It was excellent. We don’t eat kyivs enough.


Might need to have some this week myself!

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Shite, should have waited a few minutes before posting


evening, have had a pure notion for a big bowl of pasta all day. So i’m gonna make a big bowl of pasta :slight_smile:


Watching some Bob’s Burgers, so obviously have made hotdogs.

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Attempting to make gnocchi for the first time, plus some easy chilli squash sauce

Will watch another film as part of our gangster/war film season and maybe finally see what all the fuss is about Adam Curtis

As discussed in the relevant thread, also having a pickle beer :beer:

Ragu is something I really need to make, and soon


No idea what to eat, can’t be bothered. We’ll watch the last episode of the Spotify drama thing and I have to write something for the Oxford Mail so I’ll try and do that if I can stay awake.

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Listening to Fontaines also to convince my friend to come see them with me

Jacket potato for dinner. Once Jimbo’s in bed I need to start working on my next Dissonance radio show pre record

You’re having a tough day of convincing people to see bands, aren’t you?

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Some people just don’t know what’s good for them

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One parents evening done
Pasta bake in oven

Killer Sally watching later with hot chocolate and choclonely as this is my new thing.

Happy evening sugarpies xx


Currently listening to Low on John Peel and smelling the 3 (three) Christmas cakes that are merrily baking in the oven.

Essentially i do two cake mixtures. One a full size (24 cm square) for us. And with the 2nd mix, i do a smaller (20cm circular) for the wife’s mother. Then i can squeeze a 2lb loaf tin’s amount from it, and we’ll eat that loaf of Christmas cake tonight. The other two will get the usual (regular soaking in booze, decorating etc). But having a cake to eat tonight is a special kind of treat.

Double congratulations!

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Slow cooker sweet potato and pepper curry with rice and sides. Giant chocolate buttons for after.

Listening to Birds in Row and drinking a Staropramen. Had to chuck one away as it had a tiny hole in the side and made the beer flat.

Bake off, so no, nothing good.


Watching more Hells Kitchen, obviously. Had jacket potatoes with hoops & sausages for tea and now attacking the first lebkuchen of the season. Tired out tbh tbf

V has reminded me of bake off. Like to start it half an hour in so there’s no adverts but very off kilter with the social media commentary.