Just had lasagne and watching Masterchef. Got some work to do but probably just going to eat chocolate instead.

What you guys up to?


Fucking freezing, got nothing to eat and done no uni work all day


Can’t believe how much I’m paying to live in this postage stamp shithole of an accommodation


You know when someone makes you dinner but it’s, well, shit, but you eat it anyway because it’s polite and they didn’t have to do that and what would hurting their feelings achieve, anyway, after they’ve made the effort to feed you even though they absolutely didn’t need to?

Yeah, me neither. Might nip to the shop in a bit though.


Wondering if the National Trust is running low on funds

Fantastic Breasts & Where To Find Them

Maybe you’re meant to draw your own.


I was tempted.


There’s now an old lady standing in my hallway. I’m told she voted Leave. What do I do?


Run into the hallway, shout “BREXIT THIS MOTHERFUCKER” then stripe 'er face


Go north


I have walked into a wall.


Ok she’s gone. Thanks, team.


Hello H-Dogg,

Got a 1-on-1 meeting tomorrow about NOT GETTING ANGRY I’M HAVING TO COVER TWO PEOPLE OVER DECEMBER. Shows a lack of commitment or something. What a bunch of twats.

Just started 4th series of walking dead. Prety good. Tried to do my laundry but way too soggy outside. Realised how much I’m gonna miss my bae when she has to take leave for a month :sweat:


Eating chocolate and watching TV :confused:

Need peoples help making a decision should I

  • Walk to work with my bike, 45 mins in rain but bike will be fixed
  • Get the tram instead, but bike will have to be fixed eventually
  • Make up my own damn mind
  • Shut up and eat chocolate

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We now face the task of creating a New Britain from the fourth industrial revolution - powered by the internet of things and big data to develop cyber physical systems and smart factories.


Hello Scout and all.

Had leftover curry. Watching the Simpsons. Going to finish my Sartre book, I think. And make tomorrow’'s lunch. Boring.




Borked trams have meant my journey home has take a full hour longer than normal, in atrocious weather. Then the Chinese Take-away around the corner was shut.


  • internet of things and big data-powered industrial revolution
  • building robots to replace care workers

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How long before I get my full luxury communism?