come on now


Evening Bamnan!

How are you doing today? I enjoyed your exchange with yourself yesterday.


I think I’m going to have to just start talking to myself to get a response


how are you is the better question I think!


Okay. How are you? :slight_smile:


What’s everyone up to? I’m currently typing this whilst waiting for Kate Tempest to turn up on stage for a Rough Trade East gig. Then I’ll bus it to London Fields Brewery for a Weyes Blood’s gig. I was on an overnight shift last night and feel a but shit. But looking forward to a fun evening.


Love Kate Tempest, unlike so many of the muppets who post here. Enjoy!




Hey bammers. I’m doing ok thanks. Training at the climbing gym at the moment :fist:


Understandable in the circumstances! Sorry to hear about your mate- that’s so rough. I don’t think it’s any easier losing a friend/relative after a long illness than it is suddenly.

I don’t always feel like I’ve got anything useful to say but I’m glad you’re talking. And I’m glad you feel that you can talk to us; there’s so many people behind you on here.


got some silken tofu that I’m going to eat but I’m not really sure what to do with

got rejected from a job today which wasn’t massively surprising but I did quite want it

going to watch an errol morris documentary later, not sure which one (well, netflix only has tabloid and the thin blue line, so one of them)


thanks…I guess it’s ok to be upset. I feel like there’s nothing left to take from me anymore


Sorry to hear this bam. Hope you can find some happiness and an outlet soon. Always love hearing new music from you when you feel in the frame of mind for it. And of course hearing from you when i venture into the evening threads.


Hello bam. Haven’t checked into the the evening thread for ages so don’t know what’s being alluded to here but hope your ok and that this isn’t inappropriate a thing to post, but it really makes me feel better in bad times:


Supposed to be going to gym, but it took me 90 minutes to get home opposed to the normal 25. Going to have a cup of tea before deciding if I can be bothered or not.


man…this documentary really is something else. 11/10


I am extremely bored. Staring down spending the next six weeks at my mum’s place in the middle of nowhere, because the old job hunt/move far away thing is blatantly not happening before Christmas/New Year. All my stuff was packed up into boxes, but I’ve been unpacking it all today and going through and Mari Kondoing/getting rid of stuff. I decided to sort out all the unread books from my shelf and make a pile to read. Turns out I already have 50 unread books and I haven’t finished sorting them out.

I’m also in a foul mood because I was hoping to go to Vienna at the beginning of December, because my friend is putting on an exhibition/conference as part of her graduation from her MA there, but I can’t afford to go.


Evening guys. Drinking a couple of wanky beers and cooking cod and mashy peas (smashed pots, broccoli and peas with a dollop of mint sauce) and listening to Carseat Headrest. Probably watch masterchef in a bit. Absolutely knackered from getting up at 4am for work, and pretty sure I got caught speeding on the way home :persevere:




Ah, I’ll be fine. You can’t die of boredom (I think).