How’s it going?

I think I’m going to be unemployed soon. How much is reasonable to charge for music in this day and age? I’ve always done my stuff for free but maybe it would be nice not to starve.


Hey Bammers et al!

I’m doing a double shift in work tonight, but the second shift should be quite short (probably like 2-3 hours, but I get paid for the full shift) so it’s not too bad.

what’s your job?

Facebook thinks I should go and see Kula Shaker. Never liked them particularly the first time round

I work at the students’ union, make sure it doesn’t burn down, unlock doors for people and then lock them again and activate the alarms when everyone’s left, etc. Started at 3pm, will probably finish by 1am (normal shift ends at 10pm).

did you say nah nana nah nana nah nah naaaah?


Oh and hi!

Are we talking an EP or an album? I’d probably pay £5-£7 for a digital download, £8-£10 for a CD (depending on the band). But there are probably people on here better-placed to comment on how to make music and not starve…

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Money, jewels, women, wine, something like that?

I was thinking £5 for the collected works of Bamnan. Maybe charge a fiver for stuff going forward if it’s over 30 mins

people don’t really pay for music dude, maybe stick it up as pay what you like.

woke up at 12 today, not really jetlagged though which is a plus. gonna east some dinner and go to bed.

sounds kinda fun/relaxing!

yeah good point. Sucks really as it’s my only talent

It’s normally quite good yeah, except for the days when there are loads of events on and stuff and I hardly get a chance to sit down or even eat for the entire shift… Today/tonight is pretty quiet, though.

but you have to put up with people around 18 - 20 though right? shittest age of all

at least if you put it up as pay what you want, a lot of people will pay nowt but someone who really likes your music can use it as a way to chuck you £20 if they download a bunch of stuff in one go.

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nobody is that kind hearted

People I know who have done pay as you like have often found they make the same or more as when they priced it, esp if you get the occasional generous/rich person.

:joy: POTD

first filling though, that’s not bad going!

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