Just got back from the dentist, I need a filling but no biggie other than the cost really. My dentist is a chill dude which helps.

How’s things?


I really need to get to the dentist, not been in years.

Got some awards shindig tonight, could do without.
Tying a bow tie is a fucking pain!!


yeah best to go before things get too bad I guess, toothache is awful so I’m told!


My friend just got back to us to say they’re delaying the wedding! (Not because of us, or for any bad reason, they’re just very busy with work.)


My brother is booking tickets now. There’ll be at least forty of my mates there. Plus @Lo-Pan .


Hi Bamnan and etc! Ordered some Late Night Tales records which arrived today so listening to the Franz Ferdinand one and reading comics while my flatmate makes dinner. Heading pub then in a bit.


a customer gave me some chocolate today. day made. walked home from work though forgetting that i’d gotten got a bus there and had a day ticket.

off to finally see One More Time With Feeling in a bit. i’ll get the bus there to make up for it.


Unhappy with the formatting of that post.

I’m spending my evening cataloguing the posters I started organising this morning. I’ve to email someone about a fundraising gig and I also have to write an end of year article too.

No gig to go to tonight surprisingly. Feels weird not having one to go to on Thursday.


what are late night tales records?


Anyone want to hear my new song?


Glad everything’s come up KG :smiley: had a month of semi-bullshit at work and it’s worked itself out nicely over the last day or so, the relief is awesome!!! I’ll raise a glass to you tonight post dad-detail :wine_glass:


Fuck yeah


i went to SFA in the end up (wasn’t sure about the price so stuck my name down to review and got it) was pretty great! better start writing it up actually


Wow, that’s a lot of Kgs :slight_smile:
That’s gonna be a fucking riot


it’s about my friend who died so it’s not very cheery I’m afraid:



Flatmates have left so much crap in the kitchen. I want to get a flame thrower and just torch the fucking place.


Got a head full of cold. If I took two paracetamol at 2pm, and then a lemsip afterwards, it’s not okay to take more now is it? Reckon I’ll hold out until 8 at the latest mind I’m a massive baby about this sort of thing.
Also got to go to an all night rave thing in Bristol on Saturday which I’m sorta dreading now!


Series of compilations of ‘late night’ music curated by different artists. Any I’ve heard so far have been exceptional. Just got a pack of five, can’t wait to get my teeth into them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_Night_Tales


This is ace mate, your voice is always great but it’s really tip top on this one. Great lyrics too.


Oh cool there’s a Midlake one!


Aww thank you :):):slight_smile: