How’s things?

Alright Bammers! I’m trying to figure out which Premier League game looks the shittest so I can while away a couple of hours tonight. How’ve you been chief?

what’s the choices?

I haven’t watched a footie match in maybe 2 years I think outside of the euros or world cup, whichever one it was this last time.

A lot of choice, all of them pretty terrible. Might just scope out the first 15 minutes of all and settle on whichever is most exciting but that better not be West Brom vs Swansea.

Something really depressing about the names of English football teams/towns/cities.

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Evening all! Hoping to watch some soccer.

Hello, friends. Got home to a sick gf so will be combining nursing duties with rabidly watching Utd later. A dangerous mix…

Whilst I’m here, might as well let you all know that I feel sad.

Who’re you gonna watch man?

Still trying work out what PB meant

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Being from Lincolnshire, I am a Man Utd fan, naturally.

The christmas tree keeps falling over. I’m in a grump and half tempted to just chop it up and put it in the compost bin.

Pics pls

Take off 30 or so baubles?

Ah you’re from my endz. I was born and raised in Lincoln itself.

There isn’t even 30 things on it!

I started life in Market Deeping but moved to Bourne at an early age. Halcyon days…

Aye, Bourne has much more of an Identity…

(I’m so sorry).


Sorry everyone I should have left the evening thread in the hands of the scouts/whiterussians of this world.

Your replies here are wasted.

Shush, it’s a fine thread.