Evenings guys!


Is it ok to have an evening thread?

Hope you’re groovy. x


Hope you’re groovy too Bam. I’m just watching Star Trek, gonna play some Majora’s Mask in a bit


sounds like fun! I’ve never played that one, probably too late to go back to it now.


Evening Bam bam.

Did a nice chilled bike ride via a pub with the TV. Now relaxing with a few beers, halloumi salad and Timothy Spall on a boat on the actual TV


I miss beer but never had a halloumi salad and I don’t know who timothy spall is so I don’t miss those.


He’s an actor man


Hiya Bam. I’d quite like a collective DiS group hug. Make it happen please :pick: :slight_smile:


awww group hug for you


going to upload some bam covers soon to cheer you all up!


Today is my Sunday but I’m not feeling too blue, despite the fact I’ve had two weeks off.

I have nothing further to add.


one for the grandaddy fans


Watching Arnie talk about the greatest stunts ever on Dave. Just to be clear, this isn’t Arnie’s stunts, just ones he likes. I think. Dunno.

Listening to Idles at the mo, fucking great stuff - which I’d appreciated them more when I saw them with Future of the Left. Managed to write up all of my appraisal notes for tomorrow as well :metal:


one for the Radiohead fans


Hi Bam! Stayed at the in-laws last night and went for a walk today. Need to start getting more active so it was a good way to start.

Need to do a bit of work tonight as last week I agreed to a deadline for tomorrow morning, forgetting it was bank holiday and I’d been scheduled for family stuff already today. Been playing the Wii U since I got back but now the controller battery’s dead I guess I have to get started.

Weekend egg count: 4 including 2 that I have to share with the TV


Sup mate?

Watching jack dee from 99 cos this is the kind of thing you do when trying to integrate with people.

Started to eat bacon and Brie cobs every day. Proper made it.


Egg count: 0

Maybe next year…


Just had a nice pea and mint soup, bit of toast. Demolished a big ol’ choc bar earlier too.
Work tomorrow morn, not so much the FEAR but a general malaise and feeling of hopelessness. Too much time lost, so much still to lose.


Those cobs sound pretty great. Is jack dee good? I can’t really remember more than his facial expression.


Summer’s coming, it’s time for love and hope <3


Haha ah don’t be silly! Hope it’s a good long, hot one though.