Eveningtime, Friday

Not usually a daily-thread creator, but I’m on the way home from work with some train beers and sitting in the best seat on the train (the standalone one with a table where no-one can sit next to you), so it certainly feels like Friday evening to me.

How’s it going?


Alright. What train beers you on? Those seats are the best


changed the bed
take the bins out
cleaned the bathroom
cleaned the coffee machine

Do I know how to party!? :tada:
Just need to feed the cat and feed myself and I’m good to relax.

Not chicken kievs and chips for tea :smile:

Cats just joined me


Just done my census
(Local indian?) Food
Pillow Queens

Might squeeze in a half of Partick Thistle


Just listening to the new Sharon van Etten album and eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Burritos for tea. Going to watch a film called Lantana.

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How is he a real cat


:rofl: he’s a good lad

Can I borrow your cat please. Could do with some furry cuddles.


Got some stuff done today which is always good. Think it’s now time to stop and have a cold beer and vege hotdog, have a nice evening!


Seems that all the washing and other tidying I’ve done this week bit by bit to make it less of a big tidying job for the weekend has actually led to my flat being messier than ever somehow. Life is a con.

Have had a headache all day, pretty sure a long night of chores will sort that out, right?

Train beers you say?

The new Unbarred Joosy cans look mighty fine

Isn’t it great having Seven Cellars at the station?


Just a few of the basic M&S craft cans, the Vocation and Fourpure ones. Nothing fancy, but they are cold, and sold from the train station, so I can’t complain.

Not long home from seeing my atd and her new baby. A very nice afternoon.

Need to clean the flat but I think I’ll put that off until tomorrow. Got (Lidl) pizza for dinner.


Evening all!

We’re all quite glad it’s Friday for a number of reasons: The Child is watching Jojo Siwah on the big TV; I’m on strike for less of next week than I thought; Wor Lass has her parents visiting and gets to spend her other weekend perfecting a crochet pattern for hotdog baby booties.

She made a huge pile of carbs with salad for tea. It was nice but I’m not playing football tonight so didn’t really need the slow release energies.

I’m not on a train and I’m not drinking beers until next week but I could fancy a grown up soft drink tonight. Might have a tonic and lime.

Frozen pizza for tea, Alan Partridge on the TV. Perfect day

Gonna need more deets please

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Exactly what it says on the tin - little woollen baby slippers in the shape of the famous sausage snack.

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Those fourpure ones are naff, but the vocation ones are decce

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