eveningtime of thursday thread


Glumness that has been on me all week has lifted :+1: but it’s left me exhausted and I really feel like it should be the weekend now.

Was meant to be going to see Oh Sees but I wasn’t really fussed and the person I was going with dropped out. So now I’m out to a work-adjacent thing but I’d rather just go sit in the park!

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Ahh I’ve been itching to do a show but I’ve been too busy to commit… I suspect I’m making excuses for myself

Had a lovely time in the garden with my fave neighbour just now, just shipped Fig off to the cattery one night early which I’m ecstatic about, now making sesame packet noodles with some veg and, as inspired by the noodle thread, broken up fish fingers. Got so much work to do tonight but its my Friday and a train pina is just around the corner :star_struck:


Feel a bit emotional about it actually tbh. Forgot how life can be good sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere.


I think there’s a few people signed up to do a one off, and some people with zero experience of recording a show

I’ve got a lot of incredible tunes to put in. I’m a bit concerned that I’m setting the bar too high with this and other shows won’t live up to to the standard I’m setting


Nailed it. I’m happy again too.


Dunno if I’ve only had good ones but I prefer the ketchup-like, seem to be a rarity down here

If it doesn’t spoil any surprises - are you theming or framing your show in any way?

I’ve done a couple of different radio shows in the past so comfortable with the technical side (though I don’t have everything I need to hand) - I just found planning took up quite a lot of my week to the point it became a chore, and maybe that is making me put off starting a new one.

Whether I get involved or not, I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s shows.


Going to have a light tea of baked potato and salad, as my housemate did a cooked breakfast at lunchtime (brunchtime?), which was nice.

Less nice was lots of loud drilling from next door much of the day as they’ve got the builders in. Feeling a bit headachey as a result.

Ha I’ve had that in the back of my head this week and I’m glad you’re right :raised_hands:

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Still raging about the house move possibly/probably going on its arse because of the clown at the bottom of the chain.

Have ordered this for dinner as a means to try and console ourselves

So annoyed!

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I used to do a weekly show, and that was too much. Monthly is good though - by the time I’ve put in a track from each album I’ve bought that month, and a track from every band I’ve seen (or misssed!), and then a track or two I love that’s just reached a landmark anniversary then I’ve easily got at least an hour. And then I pick out some tracks that join it all together and that’s about it

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Although I’m doing a show on launch day, then one the following Saturday, so the second one is pretty much a greatest hits of my record collection

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Got two hours to get from trawling at 30mph past Hayes, to Alexandra Palace.

Pulled ass muscle going into third day of pain



I’m still working, stretching my very rudimentary google apps script knowledge to try to partially automate a boring task. Will prob stop soon for the day as I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Got no work done most of the day as there were workers pruning trees with chainsaws in the garden all day and I couldn’t hear myself think

No need to boast mate.

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What you going to Ally Pally for/to see?

Charli, baby. It’s ok, though, we got there, or there abouts just now.

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Just found out how much my friend is on at their new job

Oh no