eveningtime of thursday thread

I used to do a weekly show, and that was too much. Monthly is good though - by the time I’ve put in a track from each album I’ve bought that month, and a track from every band I’ve seen (or misssed!), and then a track or two I love that’s just reached a landmark anniversary then I’ve easily got at least an hour. And then I pick out some tracks that join it all together and that’s about it

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Although I’m doing a show on launch day, then one the following Saturday, so the second one is pretty much a greatest hits of my record collection

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Got two hours to get from trawling at 30mph past Hayes, to Alexandra Palace.

Pulled ass muscle going into third day of pain



I’m still working, stretching my very rudimentary google apps script knowledge to try to partially automate a boring task. Will prob stop soon for the day as I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Got no work done most of the day as there were workers pruning trees with chainsaws in the garden all day and I couldn’t hear myself think

No need to boast mate.

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What you going to Ally Pally for/to see?

Charli, baby. It’s ok, though, we got there, or there abouts just now.

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Just found out how much my friend is on at their new job

Oh no

Alright? Been to see my very pregnant sister for a bit which was nice, now making burgers and chips for tea with some of this concoction

Need to order the shopping and have an early night really.



Gregg Wallace doesn’t do Eat Well For Less anymore. Fuck this.

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Helllooooo :slight_smile:
Got some chicken with nandos sauce on in the oven, will probably just have it with some veg tbf.
Started Bojack Horseman the other day and I’m halfway through series 2 and it’s already made me cry three times so can see myself having to have a break at some point :smiley:
Nothing else to report really. New Rob vs Romesh later though, which is always really good fun.

OH. One thing to report. A stranger heard me doing an impression of Jack Grealish to a crow earlier. We had a nice laugh. I don’t think he knew I was doing an impression, I presume he just thought I was a lost brummy.


Today was my Monday. Anyone have a normal Jon for me?

Finished the late shift. Looks like it’s gonna hoon it down put here. Some sort of roasted veg and halloumi for tea. Bed, repeat tomorrow

Rasputin is the funniest song ever

“It was a shame how he carried on”

Fucking brilliant


It’s about a goat who can sing opera, and there’s four people running around trying to get it into a tuxedo. That’s it, that’s the film.

These men who dress operatic goats, the sequel to hollywood smash the men who stare at goats

Very popular as a just dance at school :person_shrugging:


Had parents evening until 7.

Home now and eating a feast with the footy.

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I wonder if coop will have any more bagels today…