eveningtime of thursday thread

Such a busy day with work and trying to get ready for the DiS getaway tomorrow.

I just went to the petrol station and used the vacuum to clean the car and I noticed it had another nozzle for air freshener so thought I’d give that a go. Only as soon as I pressed the button it was clearly broken and drenched me in some sort of liquid air freshener. So I now smell lovely but the car still smells the same. :laughing:


Do I want this?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you have a pet?


In that case I’ll vote accordingly

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I bought one of those after i think @Funkhouser recommended them. Haven’t got round to using it yet but I’m hoping it’ll be good for getting my hair out of the carpet

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Evening all!

I thought I was going to have an easy night class but I made the mistake of saying I’d mark work that came in before 9.00 and people actually submitted stuff.

I also went back to looking at an old Twitter account I used to run for work which was nice. I amused myself even if none of the people that were supposed to follow it did.

Yes you do. They’re quite hard work but worth it.

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no bagels, I repeat, no bagels!

Guess who’s off for the next 8 days?


A rubber soled shoe is very good for getting hair out of carpets.

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Someone tell me a good album to listen to, first come first serve.

Vic Chesnutt - At The Cut

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A tad heavy but excellent

Alternatively, before he was a knob (or was less public about it) particularly ‘satisfied’

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Paul’s Boutique

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Know this one well, but you win. Darker for the mood I’m currently in, but diving in we go!

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sorry, it’s very good though!

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It’s a 95 A. Miss Vic so much. What a voice.

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yeah always felt he had a very unique way of phrasing his lyrics too