Ever applied for temporary promotion within your work?

lurker popping my head up.

Spent the weekend trying to complete a TP form, and feeling deflated about it all as colleagues in work admit to bullshitting despite being marked by ones that know what they are capacity of. :confused:

Interested on hearing some other options - Ever applied for TP? how honest were you, did you embellish or outright lie?

Will put through and feel like crap if I don’t succeed :unamused:

Yes, twice a few years back when I was in a previous role. One I got and one I didn’t. I was fairly honest on the form/at interview, mainly because I work in a fairly small organisation and the panel would therefore have known full well if I was talking bollocks. Probably easier to get away with bullshitting in a larger organisation where the panel members are less likely to know you well.

I guess it also depends if they do genuinely base the decision solely on the form/interview rather than any prior knowledge of your performance.

Oh, and good luck!

Yeah and it was really useful and helped me loads - no need to make stuff up and I think if you do you’d put yourself in a rubbish position as you’d be found out, no?

Most of them seem like utter garbage, though.

Agree with the two answers above.

Honesty is the best policy and if your interviewers are any good, they’ll be happy to give feedback regardless of the outcome.

Early Buzzcocks lyrics needed some reworking

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A few hundred in the department.
Been told it’s blind marked - but I would be embarrassed to lie

If I don’t get my hopes up I should be alright

Sub thread: how much bullshittery is allowed in an interview? Gonna need to push the boundary soon i think



luckily i worked in a company where most people were idiots so i got promoted, more than once

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yes! saw that the other day and it is absolutely accurate

it was 13/14 months from helping out the training department a couple of times a week to becoming a manager

call centres are terrible for many things but they’re great for obtaining management experience haha