Ever been anywhere which made you feel a bit uneasy due to its design?

Been looking about Denver Airport

it’s pretty bizarre

only place I can share a similar feeling is that Indian on Brick Lane with pictures of Princess Diana crying over you

The Jewish Museum in Berlin, which was a deliberate intention of Leibskind’s.

I haven’t been there myself, but I remember a story about how the Columbus Convention Center was making people feel sick because of the non-vertical walls and false perspectives employed in its design. It turned out that no one had been sick, but that the architect, Peter Eisenmann, had spread the false rumour for a laugh.

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tend to walk around looking at my shoes, so pretty oblivious to stuff like this.

And was thus confirmed to have passed the extremely low threshold of being the funniest architect who had ever lived.

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got a new pair?

Wow that place is eerie.

www.atlasobscura.com is full of similar stuff (and is really good for finding places to visit when you travel). Best website.

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Actually, maybe it was the Wexner Center. I can’t remember.

naw man. well, I have…but just kick about in my trusted 8 year old kicks innit. would like to die in these sneaks, to be totally honest



Center Parks but that might have been the impending threat of anal at any point

Various hotel rooms where the bathroom and bedroom have glass between them or similar. Presumably meant to be sexy, in fact just takes all the relaxation out of a good shit.

Imagine if you were looking down at a pair of hermanos though :mask:

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We had this in Sri Lanka
But we were also right next to the pool with a full glass window going out to where everyone was chilling out. The windows were in a line so basically if you didn’t have your blinds shut, people in the pool would see you doing a shit.


The disabled toilets at work. The floor to ceiling mirror facing me when sat down.

Someone posted about Denver Airport on here before. It is so weird, def something odd going on. Although why if you were making a secret underground bunker you’d then put loads of hints to the end of the world and masons. Just stick with a WH Smiths and a Pret like all the others, much less suspicious.

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Yeah, I think it’s really just terrible, useless local art by someone with more ambition than talent.

This story isn’t strictly accurate.

yeah its pretty disconcerting but youre not going to be sick