Ever been banned from anywhere?


I’m banned (I think) from the Aberystwyth Co-Op for going in trashed off my nut on my 21st birthday demanding whiskey like a less endearing Withnail

As I’ve mentioned previously I think I may be banned from Mare St Sainsbos for fucking with the right wing papers

Anyway, you?


A club back home because I fell asleep over consecutive saturdays. It is now a harvester.


I think you should continue the tradition


Bed down in the salad bar.


All branches of Superdrug for shoplifting.
A Wetherspoons pub in Essex, since lifted.


Got banned from the Phoenix pub in Manchester when i was about 14.

Went in literally years later and the same guy recognised me.

It’s shut down now, so ultimately i had the last laugh.


I got my entire workplace banned from a pub in Edinburgh, although - thanks to being good friends with staff there - I was allowed back the following week.


Supposedly banned from my old uni hall bar for trying to nick a rubbish canvas from the wall while drunk, 19 years old and stupidly trying to impress people, but there’s no way they’d actually recognise me or remember if I walked in






David Cameron?


DiS wise I’m banned from:

  • Film Club
  • Burrito Club
  • Yorkshire Club
  • The old boards on the final day


The film club thread



I’ve not ventured into those, but what on earth happened in there?


Not that I know of, no.


I said that film was on Netflix. Unbeknownst to me it’s been taken down recently. I got a bit snippy jokingly, and Eric banned me.

All in jest


Sounds deserved, imho.


Shakespeare fancy dress society


I was bard