Ever been banned from anywhere?


Really? I did not know that.


I’m banned for life from Vodka Revs in Cambridge for sticking 2 fingers up behind the bouncer’s back (I was drunk, it wasn’t behind his back it was right in front of his face, and he carried me out). I went back in the week after. It’s no big loss.


Got barred from The Quad in Cork City for ripping a picture frame off the wall. The frame was affixed to the wall with epoxy so it took a huge fucking chunk of plasterboard with it. Was let in a few days later as it was the last night the pub was open.

Was barred from the Abbot’s Ale House too. Jumped down their stairs and grabbed a flag hanging off the ceiling on the way down to break my fall. Was barred for a few years until an ex went in and asked could I be unbarred. they said I could come back if I returned the flag. I still have the flag and have drank in there multiple times since.



you’ll never guess how long for!


How did you manage that??



I damaged some of their property at a Christmas party. Mainly a Christmas tree.


Some very good replies in that thread


Got banned for throwing a snow ball at a bouncer. I gave him a warning and aimed at the wall above his head so it wasn’t that bad and it wasn’t in malice.


some replies, at least


I have a lifetime ban from www.thomann.de


Tell us more

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Got banned from [redacted]* for confronting their bouncer over his groping of a woman

*quite a well known central london pub, but is currently in the process of changing owners so wont say the name


a thing i ordered from there ‘broke’ so i sent it back, and they returned it with quite a terse note explaining that they had replaced a fuse for me free of charge :grimacing:


I’m banned from Cornwall. Wouldn’t catch me within 100 miles of those weirdos ever again anyway.


put your jam on first or something?


Nothing exciting - they fucked up a smallish order (sent the wrong item) and they didn’t include a return label so it took six weeks to refund me my £200 because the returns people were refusing to process it because it didn’t have a barcode to scan.

They only processed it in the end because I actually managed to find Herr Thomann’s mobile number and I rang him up & told him how shit his company/staff were. He was on the golf course at the time but fuck it I’d already been on the phone to a dozen different people & they were all like ‘well if it doesn’t have the correct return label we can’t prove we’ve received it?’ - drove me mad.

Within 10 minutes of calling the boss I had my money back. That was it, all sorted…I thought

Fast forward 9 months & I ordered something else…only to receive a really shitty email saying that I was banned for life due ‘causing a commotion’ and upsetting staff :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve tried to order a few things since & the main site processes it and then some fucker just cancels the order - I reckon someone got a bollocking/demotion and they’ve made it personal



that chimes with my experience


this is amazing! :smiley: